​Kumkum Bhagya written update February 14, 2017: Abhi will search for the culprit

The scene begins with Tanu yelling in her room that she has bombed in her arrangement. Tanu reveals to Aalia she will converse with Abhi about this. Aalia cautions her maxim that Abhi will be dicey in the event that she asks anything from him.

Purab goes into the room and asks Tanu and Aalia how could they achieve the icy stockpiling to safeguard Abhi and Pragya as just Purab had the data. Aalia discloses to him that she became acquainted with about it from a server.

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Then again, Abhi deals with Pragya and makes her have soup. He asks Pragya how she entered the frosty stockpiling. Pragya educates Abhi regarding the entire circumstance. Abhi imagines that somebody had planed Pragya’s murder. He advises Pragya to deal with herself.

Abhi goes to Aalia’s room and educates Purab concerning everything. Aalia lets him know not to think to such an extent. Abhi discovers her response odd. He requests that Purab give him the entire CCTV film of the day.

In the mean time, Dadi is concerned over Sarla’s response on the off chance that she becomes acquainted with about Pragya’s wellbeing. Daadi calls Sarla and discloses to her that Pragya will be back in the morning.

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