Will Aliya and Tanu finally get exposed in Kumkum Bhagya?

On Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya, Aliya and Tanu are perpetually plotting against Pragya. Fans are frantically sitting tight for them to be uncovered and it would appear that that time may have at long last come. Here is the means by which they may get got this time.

In the start of the scene, we will see that Pragya bolted inside the cool stockpiling where Abhi is searching for Pragya here and there and he’s exceptionally uneasy. Abhi hears the voice of Pragya from inside the frosty stockpiling and he comes to there he discovers Pragya inside the icy stockpiling and he discovers her in an awful state where she’s shuddering like anything as she won’t going to make due after this.

Abhi gets strained and stressed over her and tries

to convey her to detects. Furthermore, he offers mouth to mouth breath with the goal that she wakes up. Abhi achieves home taking Pragya along and he is dealing with Pragya… Purab subsequent to seeing the state of Pragya get strained and asks Abhi that what has happened to her and why she came to chilly stockpiling.

Pragya tells that there was a Sardar who said that Abhi is calling her inside then Abhi responds that I never called you anyplace in the gathering. Purab calls at the lodging and requests the CCTV film and hearing this Tanu and Alia get strained that now their truth will turn out. Purab suspects Alia and Tanu for this yet Alia and Tanu inquire

Abhi not to get into the recording and all since this is an ideal opportunity to deal with her.

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Since scorn’s’ jealusy v/s sentiment ,killing time takes ever long to appreciate appear, if high light of demonstrate contempt’s’ jealusy killing takes long low on screen.Akbarkhan

Hearing this, Purab chooses to examine. Tanu races to Nikhil’s home and educates him that Abhi and Purab are getting the CCTV film. What’s more, Nikhil yells that why didn’t she educate her on the telephone why she dawdled on coming here. Purab is taking the exchange of the recording before Nikhil achieves the lodging and develops how Nikhil will stop Purab to get the recording.

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