When Shakti Mohan surprised her father!

MUMBAI: It’s said that fathers are the dearest to every girl. Captain Shakti Mohan has rightly proved that on Dance+ 4 where she expressed gratitude to her father for being her Plus with a sweet gesture!

This year the show along with the captains and Super Judge, will be paying tribute to the unsung heroes behind every champion dancer! Sapne Sirf Apne Nahi Hote, as stated, depicts the struggle and journey of a champion dancer and their biggest supporters as their plus, who have been through thick and thin with them! So did the astonishing choreographer, Shakti Mohan! Shakti, thanking her father for all the support he has given her, surprised her father with a very thoughtful gift, which he never imagined. Since he is fond of writing poems and he has always taught Shakti and all her daughters to express their thoughts on a paper, she gifted her father a beautiful diary and a pen which he will remember forever.

Being the younger daughter, her father never imposed his decisions or wishes on her and has always been the wind beneath her wings and motivated her to fly. Shakti has expressed her gratitude to her father for being her biggest supporter, motivator, her Plus!

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