Major twist! Kabir to accept Ruksaar as his wife in Ishq Subhan Allah

MUMBAI: The ongoing track of Ishq Subhan Allah focuses on Kabir and Ruksaar’s marriage. Kabir is tensed, as he hasn’t told Zara about his marriage. He is scared that she will break down.

Meanwhile, Ruksaar is trying all possible ways to indirectly tell Zara about her marriage with Kabir. However, Kabir warns her against doing so.

In the upcoming episodes, viewers will see that Zara is happy about marrying Kabir, but soon, the truth is revealed and Kabir accepts Ruksaar as his wife. This will happen during the turban ceremony. Ayesha, unaware of the fact that Kabir has married Ruksaar, will tell her to tie the turban. That’s when Kabir tell hers that she can’t tie it, as she is not his sister but his wife. This shocks everyone.

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It will be interesting to see how Zara will react to this. Is this the end of Zara and Kabir’s relationship?

Stay tuned!

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