Veera marries Baldev going against Ranvi’s decision in Veera

Rajveer threatens Baldev in lockup about beating him, and Balddev says he knows the rules and he can’t touch him. Rajveer calls some goons and puts them in same cell asking them to beat Baldev. They beat Baldev to pulp. Ratan says all this clothes and bangles are not in my fate, it killed Nihaal. She says when your dad was coming to me, he died, and when Nihaal was becoming part of my life, even he died. She says my happiness is unlucky. Bansuri comes to them and says she will say whats unlucky, it’s the illegitimate child Veera. Chai ji stops Bansuri and asks her to reply, how can she call Veera unlucky, when everything happened because of her son.

Bansuri says don’t say anything against my son, he did not do anything, he is innocent. Bansuri cries at home. Balwant talks to lawyer. She says she is worried for Baldev, and feeling something bad is going to happen with her son. She hugs him and cries asking him to free Baldev. Ranvi stops Veera from meeting Baldev. Jaggi and Billa go to meet Baldev hearing his screams, but Rajveer does not allow them. They tell this to Bansuri and she requests Ranvi to see Baldev once as Rajveer is not allowing them to meet Baldev.

Gunjan asks Veera does she feel Baldev has killed Nihaal. Veera cries and tells Gunjan that she loves Baldev a lot and will support him. Rajveer brings the man, and says acts like being very good. Ranvi says Bansuri said Baldev is beaten up. Rajveer says no, Baldev is beating others. Ranvi apologizes to him. Rajveer tells Ranvi that Baldev is not hurt and asks is he coming to give statement. Ranvi says yes and leaves. He comes home and tells Veera that Baldev did not change even in lockup. He says Baldev is beating others in lockup, nothing happened to him, he is fine, such people are born to hurt others.

Chai ji asks him about Nihaal’s last rites. He says postmortem will take time. Gunjan asks Ranvi will he give statement against Baldev. Ranvi says yes, he killed our Nihaal Chachu. Billa tells Veera that Rajveer has beaten Baldev in jail and asks her to trust Baldev as he can’t kill Nihaal. Jaggi says Balwant arranged big lawyer and he will get bail in night, you come with us. She says I can’t, Ranvi and Biji stopped me. Balwant and lawyer free Baldev by giving bail papers. Balwant argues and taunts Rajveer.

He reminds Rajveer that he had proof last time and culprit was someone else. Baldev comes beaten up. Balwant asks what happened to him. Baldev looks at Rajveer and says what you had to do, its done, now I will show what I can do. Balwant says don’t say any word here. Balwant takes him home. Billa and Jaggi talk to Baldev. Veera calls Baldev and asks him to meet at the temple. Baldev is glad knowing she trusts him and hugs her. He says Papa ji asked me not to meet you, as your house has sadness all over.

She asks him to marry her and he is stunned. Baldev and Veera sit to marry, and Baldev smiles seeing her. She thinks forgive me Ranvi, you stopped me from meeting Baldev, and I m marrying him. Veera and Baldev exchange garlands. Baldev says I love you a lot Veera. The pandit does the ghatbandhan. Baldev and Veera take the rounds. Baldev fills sindoor in Veera’s hairline. The families are worried as Baldev and Veera are not at home. Ranvi gets angry seeing Veera and Baldev married. He says Baldev forced her to marry. Veera comes in between and says Baldev was refusing, but I insisted him and married now itself.

Ranvi says Baldev is Nihaal’s murderer, who was like our dad. Baldev says why are you saying the same thing, I did not kill Nihaal. Ranvi tells Veera to get punished, and don’t call me Veer ji, I m not your brother and you are not my sister from today. She is shocked. He asks Veera to take her belongings and leave from the house. Baldev pacifies Veera. Veera says Veer ji can’t forgive me for this, I have lost my family today. Baldev says once I m proved innocent, everything will be fine. She takes come childhood toys and puts in a box. She sees the home and cries, recalling about Ratan and Ranvi. Baldev takes her to his home, and Bansuri is shocked seeing them married, while Balwant happily welcomes them. Bansuri does their grahpravesh only for Baldev’s sake. Baldev and Veera go to room and he decorates it to make her happy. She cries and he says its good that Ranvi broke relation with you, else how would you call that man brother who wants to send your husband to jail. She says Ranvi can’t be wrong. He gets shocked knowing Veera does not trust him and still believing Ranvi. Will Veera prove Baldev innocent? Will Rajveer’s truth come out? Keep reading.