Ankur starts troubling Rathi Family in Diya Aur Baati Hum

Ankur and Ankita try to make Sooraj understand Sandhya’s worth in Rathi family. Sooraj says he can’t forget that Sandhya has risked Bhabho’s life for doing her duty. Vikram says Bhabho lost a kidney because of her. Meenakshi says we have spent 9 lakhs for her treatment. Ankur says so its about money, I will give the amount. Sooraj says don’t make relations as business, else I will not be able to give you respect. Ankur says I don’t want such respect, you can’t hurt me and my sister’s esteem like this. Sandhya has an identity, she is ASP of Pushkar police, and has bright future, the country is proud of her. I don’t think you will keep the marriage, today I break Sandhya’s relation with you and this family.

He leaves from Rathi house in anger with Ankita. Sooraj and everyone get upset. Sandhya cries at police quarters and does not know Ankur went to meet Sooraj. Bhabho takes all blame on herself and says then why did Sooraj punish Sandhya, we know she has always protected us, and all family forgot her, Sooraj was like her soul, they were linked, and now he has not felt Sandhya’s pain. Babasa says Sooraj was honest towards her and was ideal husband, but he is also a son. Zakir asks Sandhya to meet Sooraj once. Sooraj comes to meet Sandhya to complain about a corrupt govt. officer who is asking for bribe instead passing the reimbursement of Bhabho’s medical expenses.

Vikram asks Sooraj did his heart melt that he called Sandhya. The man says I know you will come back to me, and reminds his bribe. Sandhya comes and catches him red handed. The man says they are lying. Sandhya says fine, Mr Rathi never lies. She says you are going to jail. Sooraj thanks Sandhya. She says no need to thank, as I do all my duty with honesty. Babasa says they both have just hatred. Bhabho says no they have love in their hearts and they fear that their love can come on their tongue. Sandhya is glad seeing Ankur, Ankita and Bulbul. Bulbul asks her to get ready as they have come to take her. Ankur and Ankita convince Sandhya and take her home.

Ankur says I can’t forget this, if Sooraj has pride on relations and kicked my sister out, I will make him realize that Sandhya’s relation is very valuable than other relations, I will do anything but make Sandhya’s pain reach him, so that he realizes he is wrong. Chotu comes to Sooraj and says there is no school tomorrow, its PTM meeting, my brother is in village, every year you used to come with Sandhya. Bhabho makes Chotu message Sandhya from Sooraj’s phone. Zakir asks Sandhya to go.

Sandhya thinks why did Sooraj message. Bhabho asks Chotu to see did Sandhya reply. Chotu says he did not reply. Vikram tells the loan manager that he will repay the loan. The manager says fine and Vikram thankfully leaves. Ankur hides there and hears everything, He talks to the man and says I have a small work with you. Ankur says I don’t want loan, I want Rathi family’s peace and self esteem, whose key you have. The man asks him to explain, ad Ankur bribes the man. He says its 2 lakhs and I think the deal is good. The man says its great dela, tell me what I have to do. Ankur smiles.

Sooraj comes to Chotu’s school and meets his teacher. He says I m sorry, we got late. Sandhya’s dupatta falls on his face. He moves it and sees her, recalling their first meeting in temple. The loan manager comes to Rathi home and says return the money soon, as he needs it now. Babasa says give us 2-3 days, we will return soon. The man says I did not ask 2-3 days time when you asked me, and when I need my own money, you are asking time. Babasa says you know its big amount and its impossible for us to get it. The man says you should have thought before taking it, I have arranged from anywhere and when I need it, you also arrange it from anywhere. The man says I don’t want to make any scene, you should be thankful to me that your treatment happened because of me, I will not run to get my money.

Babasa says you will get the money till evening. Bhabho asks why. Babasa says I will sell my shop, but I will return money. Meenakshi and Emily get worried and fill Vikram and Mohit’s ears asking them not to sell their shops. Vikram and Mohit verbally fight in the market and everyone see the brothers arguing. Chotu gets low grades and says Sooraj and Sandhya did not teach him well. Sooraj and Sandhya agree to teach Chotu together. Chotu thinks they can come close by this and is glad. Will Sooraj and Sandhya reunite by Bhabho’s efforts? Keep reading.