The truth of the haunted house to be revealed in Ek Ghar Banaunga

Ek Ghar Banaunga, as the name says it is to make a dream house for someone whom you love the most. In this case, it is Akash, the male lead, who married Poonam falling in love with her. Akash dreams to make a dream house for his parents in law. He respects and loves them as a son would do. Sadly, Prabhunath and Vandana (Poonam’s parents) are upset that their son Deepak is unable to match up to their expectation. And Akash, who is not responsible for them, has taken up their responsibilities as a son. They are glad that Poonam is very lucky to have a husband like Akash. They believe there can’t be anything more better than this.

Vikas and Shilpa, the thugs dupe Prabhunath and Vandana and make them sign on the house’s documents. They dupe then of their house and kicks the old couple out of the house. Right on time, Poonam and Akash come for their rescue. Poonam fools Vikas in her words and make him admit infront of the inspector that he has cheated Prabhunath. Vikas admits and is arrested by the police. Poonam is relieved but at the same time, gets more worried about her parents staying so far from her. She thinks it won’t be easy for her to dwell between two cities often and wants her parents to shift to Sitapur where she stays with Akash.

Akash and Poonam tries hard to convince Prabhunath to sell the house. They give him all the reasons and explanations why they should stay closer to them. Prabhunath at last agrees to sell the house. Deepak flies from US to Sitapur and creates a big bad scene in Akash’s house asking Prabhunath to give his share in the property. Prabhunath is hurt that his son who has not even called him once to enquire about their wellbeing, directly came to him only for the property. Prabhunath slaps him and disowns him of every right of a son. Deepak still tries to get his share in the property but Prabhunath acts clever and fails him in his attempts.

Akash and Poonam start looking out for a perfect house in Sitapur for Poonam’s parents. After a long search, they finally like a house which is very close to Akash’s house. Shashikant, Akash’s dad is also happy to stay close to Prabhunath and wishes they make the deal for the house. But Mangla, Akash’s mum is against this. She does not want Poonam’s parents to buy a house in Sitapur and no way close to their house. Everyone go to see the house and experience some supernatural forces in the house. Akash and Poonam have a long argument about the house. Their views are different while Akash feels the house is not safe for Prabhunath and Vandana, Poonam says it is the best for them.

Kanno and Mangla see a ghost in that house and declare to everyone that it is haunted. The rest of the family does not believe them. But when Akash and Poonam themselves see strange things and hear weird voices in the house, they are sure that the place is haunted and humans can’t stay in there. Poonam and Akash feel that there is someone in the house who is doing this to scare the people and may be there is no real ghost as ghosts does not exist in the world. Poonam does not want to lose that house which Prabhunath and Vandana liked and wished to stay in. Poonam thinks of an idea to burn the house to clear the place of ghosts and all spirits. She thinks even if there is someone doing this, they will flee away seeing the fire. Poonam is confident that the place can be made free by burning it up. Akash has a different opinion.

Will Poonam find the truth behind the haunted house? Who is it who are spreading the rumours and scaring people out of the house? Will Mangla succeed in making Poonam’s parents stay away from her house? Will Akash be able to make a dream house for his parents in law. Stay tuned to get the answers. Keep reading next week.