Sooraj’s ex-fiancée comes back in his life in Diya Aur Baati Hum

Sooraj, the main protagonist of the show Diya Aur Baati Hum is an ideal son, ideal brother and an ideal husband. He is the perfect man who is humble, soft spoken and smart enough to fight with all obstacles coming his way. He is a supporting and loving husband to Sandhya. He believes that his wife’s dreams are his dreams and he would do anything to help her achieve her dreams and make them true. Sandhya, the aspiring IAS officer who has done her every bit of becoming an ideal bahu to Bhabho has finally won Bhabho’s heart and love.

Bhabho who always never left any chance to test her every bahu, is quite impressed by Sandhya’s traits. She is glad seeing how determined is Sandhya in her goal to become an IAS officer. Bhabho agrees to let her achieve her dream and also offers her best wishes and support to her by every means. While Sandhya is away from the family for the 11 month training in Police Academy, Hyderabad, Sooraj starts missing her. They usually talk on phone and are connected. Sooraj pulls Sandhya’s leg by fooling her saying he has someone special in his life. Though Sandhya can’t believe that either, he later tells her that only she is the one in his life whom he loves the most and no one can take her place. Sandhya is bowled over by his lovely words. Sooraj’s loyalty to her is undoubtedly the USP of their long distance relationship.

The current track in the show has the entry of Kavita, Sooraj’s ex fiancée, the same girl who ran away from wedding when she was getting married to Sooraj. Bhabho had to bear much insult because of her elopement. Bhabho regards her as her enemy who had made her family taste bitterness of the society. Kavita has now become a party activist and has come to Pushkar to win people’s heart and their votes. When Kavita comes face to face with Bhabho, Bhabho thinks of the past how Kavita left the marriage and flee away. Sooraj tries to calm down an angry Bhabho, but Bhabho blows up on Kavita. The entire Pushkar supports Bhabho saying we all are one family. Bhabho denies to give any vote to Kavita. Even Taisa and the Pushkar residents are with Bhabho and refuse to give any vote to Kavita.

The party head talks to Kavita and asks her to do something to make everyone in Pushkar support her and give the party votes, else she will be thrown out of the party. Now, it is a challenge for Kavita to win the votes by any means, either fair or unfair. She tries to meet Sooraj to connect to Bhabho through him. Sooraj is shocked to see Kavita at his work place. She talks to him and he apologizes to her for Bhabho’s behavior and says I don’t have anything related to you now. She smiles and plans something. Kavita aims to win Bhabho’s trust back so that the whole Pushkar can vote for her on Bhabho’s saying.

At home, Meenakshi asks Mohit to pay the installments for the bank loan and not burden Sooraj. Mohit argues with her and denies to pay. But Emily brings money immediately and gives it to Bhabho asking her to pay for the bank loan. She says we will be paying every month no matter my beauty parlour works or not. Meenakshi is relieved.

Meanwhile, Sandhya is undergoing training in Hyderabad. Her best competitor Zakir, always shows her down infront of everyone. Mr. Roy, their trainer is making them ready for the cycle race to be held soon. Sandhya has to give her best so that she keeps Bhabho’s dream of getting the trophy for her family and becoming an IAS officer to help the people of Pushkar. Sandhya is trying hard to reach to Zakir’s level of performance. Zakir is ahead in every test. He tells Sandhya that she is no way close to his level and challenges her to prove her mettle. Sandhya has to prove herself and not only she has to reach Zakir’s level, but has to go ahead of him. Will she be able to surpass everyone and be the best cadet to win the trophy she admires? How will Kavita win Bhabho’s heart and votes? Will Zakir accept defeat by Sandhya? Stay tuned to get the answers. Keep reading this space next week for more updates.