Suhani brings Soumya in Birla House annoying Yuvraaj in Suhani Si Ek Ladki

Dadi scolds Suhani for being so foolish. Suhani says like I made Sharad my brother, you can make Soumya your sister. Yuvraaj is shocked and leaves to avoid this talk. Rags asks Menka to confuse Pratima and till then she will explain Diana. She gives money to Diana and tells her what to do. Menka starts confusing Pratima and Dadi sees them. Diana says I can prove it you did some mistake. Diana sees the crystal ball and lights the candle. She says you have some burden since few days right. Pratima says no. Pratima says she did not do any mistake. Diana asks about Yuvraaj’s life, any accident, illness or marriage. Is there any problem in his marriage, or is his wife wrong, did you do anything wrong, tell me.

Dadi asks Pratima to answer, did she make any mistake in Yuvraaj’s marriage. Pratima gets tensed. Dadi says did you choose Suhani over Soumya. Rags asks Diana to leave and Dadi takes Pratima to talk. Pratima tells her about her mistake, but Yuvraaj married Suhani by her wish. Dadi says you ruined our name, don’t argue now, stop this nonsense, I should have kicked you out that day when I lost my son. Pratima cries and Suhani pacifies her. Ramesh tells Yuvraaj that Saxena is coming to take signs on the loan. Sharad asks what loan.

Yuvraaj says Suhani’s dad passed this loan keeping condition for me to marry Suhani. Dadi tells Rags and Menka that she will get answer from Suhani’s dad Pankaj now. Rags says did Pankaj begged to him and made him agree for marriage, or maybe he convinced him. Saxena comes with Pankaj. Dadi sees Yuvraaj and Pankaj arguing. Yuvraaj asks what will you do if we don’t pay back, now payments are cleared . Pankaj worried and starts sweating. Dadi talks to Pankaj and says why did the money given in installment, is it that you don’t trust us. Pankaj thinks about Yuvraaj and he forced him to marry Suhani. Rags asks Saurabh to get a phone like Yuvraaj. He gets a new one and she exchanges it with Yuvraaj’s phone.

Rags sends the message from Yuvraaj’s phone. Suhani knocks the door and does not find Rags in her room. She says where did she go. Rags gets Pankaj’s message and reads it. She reads that he did not wish to threaten him and make him helpless to marry Suhani. They are shocked to know this. Rags reads further and that it was Pankaj’s mistake to scare him about loan and made him marry Suhani, but he would have not rejected loan as he is honest employee, I was selfish in my daughter’s love, but I m sorry. Dadi gets angry. Krishna and Soumya start having more problems in life. He asks her to leave her job. She explains him that she is earning to support the family. Krishna comes to Soumya’s café and takes her home.

Suhani hears the talk and gets worried for Soumya. Krishna scolds the manager and he angrily fires Soumya. Soumya cries and goes home with Krishna. He scolds her a lot and they argue. Suhani worriedly comes to meet Soumya, Krishna raises hand to slap Soumya, and Suhani holds his hand. He says leave my hand, she is my wife. Suhani says yes, she is your wife, not a doormat to use and throw anytime. Rags says she has a thought, Soumya run away and married Krishna, is Suhani behind this, did she make Soumya run so that she becomes the bahu. Dadi says yes, this is possible.

Krishna’s mum says I will beat Soumya after you leave, as you will be here to protect her, you go and then I will show Soumya. Suhani says if you do this mistake, I will send you to jail for domestic violence. Suhani brings Soumya home. Dadi is glad seeing Soumya. Yuvraaj is shocked seeing Soumya. Suhani tells Dadi everything about Krishna. Dadi hugs Soumya and welcomes her home. Suhani tells Yuvraaj that Krishna does not love her and even raised hand on her. Yuvraaj gets annoyed seeing Soumya in his home. Yuvraaj gets Pankaj’s message and reads it. Yuvraaj replies him that he should not regard him as his father, as such people does not threaten children.

Pankaj says he is maintaining loan file of Birla house. Lata says its good, everything is fine, as money matters is not good with daughter’s inlaws. Dadi says Yuvraaj will kick out Suhani, and if he does not see her badness, I will show him Soumya’s goodness that he will not value Suhani. She says this forced marriage will break, and Suhani got Soumya here and Soumya will break her marriage now. Suhani goes out to buy few items. Pratima requests Krishna to come and take Soumya, as she is his wife and he should keep his marriage. Krishna comes to take Soumya in morning and Dadi stops him.

Soumya cries and says I won’t come with you. Krishna drags Soumya and Yuvraaj holds her hand too, asking Krishna to stop. Pratima is worried seeing Yuvraaj stopping Soumya. Krishna taunts Soumya about Yuvraaj. Suhani comes there and Pratima slaps him to stop from saying more. Will Soumya really come between Suhani and Yuvraaj? Keep reading.