Sandhya and Zakir to fool terrorists to free passengers in Diya Aur Baati Hum

Shalu is in a state of shock after Prema has made Bhabho kill his husband. The people ask them to throw Ashu’s body out. Sooraj asks them to be quiet for Lord’s sake. He asks Gautam to take Ashu’s body . Bhabho hugs Shalu and pacifies her. Maya applies butter to the bread and shows to Sweety. Everyone start feeling hungry. Sooraj asks Maya to provide food to everyone. Maya gives him food plates and he counts it. He says its just 10 plates, you know we are many, how will I divide food. He says everyone is hungry, how can we manage. Maya says let everyone die if your govt does not worry for you all, why should we worry, we did a small request to free RK, and even told your wife to make govt agree, if she does, then fine, else all will die here. Everyone start fighting for the food, and Sooraj stops them.

Shanky snatches a plate and it falls on the ground. Shanky says I m young, how long will old people life, how is their life valuable. Maya, Disha and Prema laugh. Disha asks him to come with her and she will give him food. She makes him wear ladies wear and makes him dance on an item song. Shanky cries and gets the food. Vadeja tells everyone that govt has agreed to leave RK to free the passengers. Sandhya thinks about Sooraj and cries. She recalls their last moments. She recalls their happy moments and sees Sooraj who comes to lessen her pain. Sandhya calls Vadeja and Arjun and shows RK. Vadeja asks what is RK doing here. Sandhya says you also got wrong. She says about her idea. She tells that Zakir will take RK’s place to save the passengers. Sandhya says we can get all passengers back without freeing RK.

Vadeja calls it foolish plan. Zakir and Sandhya asks him to give one chance. Sandhya tells Vadeja that Zakir and she has done much research and she can have the last move in their hands in this, and if they disagree to us, we will have real RK. She says we will win without losing RK, to save our country’s respect. Arjun says he agrees with Vadeja, its like playing with Zakir’s life and they can lose the passengers life too. Zakir says he knows this very well what is at stake, but if they can ask for 75 lives for one live, we can try to save them for my life, its not a costly deal. Sandhya says Zakir will get ready to become RK, please give us one chance. Vadeja says govt won’t agree. He says he will try, as Sandhya has pointed on him earlier.

Arjun connects to Maya. He says there are some conditions, if she leaves 20 passengers fine, then he will take the talk ahead. Vadeja says they have to take risk, to buy time from them. He asks him to buy more time. Sandhya gives RK’s videos to Zakir to know more about him. She asks him is he ready. He says yes and talks like RK. Sandhya gets a call. Vadeja asks the progress. She says Zakir’s face structure matches 88% with RK and asks how much time we have. He says he is trying, and she should inform him immediately when to stop the mission of it backfires. She says she is sure her plan will work. Maya asks Sooraj does he want food for her, fine, come I will give the food.

Sooraj goes with her. Bhabho asks him not to go as they don’t want anything. Maya gives him a non veg food plate and he is shocked seeing it. He says this is non veg. Maya is shocked as he eats the non veg food just for the sake of humanity, so that she gives food to pregnant lady Mamta. Sandhya prepares Zakir as RK. Maya says they are buying time from us to do something, if we give them more time, it can be dangerous for us, as the death fear is getting less here. Maya makes the passengers fight for their lives, saying only 10 passengers will be released and others will die. Sooraj sees Sweety hurt and takes her.

He sings an unity song and everyone end their fight. Bhabho and all the passengers start singing and hold hands. They show their unity. Maya, Prema and Disha looks on shocked. They say we will go together, else no one will go home. Sooraj shows Maya the real humanity bond and shocks her. Sandhya is sure that RK is fully ready now and informs Vadeja. Will Sandhya be able to free the passengers? Keep reading.