Soumya starts falling for Yuvraaj in Suhani Si Ek Ladki

Suhani calls Dadi and misses to hear Dadi talking to Rags and Menka. Rags sees Suhani’s call and tells Dadi to talk. Suhani apologizes to her. Rags asks Dadi did she like her plan. Dadi says its fine, but Menka should not speak up, else I will stop her breath. Menka says there won’t be any mistake. Rags says maybe Soumya does not have anything for Yuvraaj, but she loves this house and our family. Dadi acts with Rags and Menka seeing Soumya come. Dadi scolds them for not doing the puja work. Menka says Suhani used to do all this. Soumya says she can help them. Dadi says see Soumya will do the arrangements today. Soumya says sure and hugs her. Krishna calls Soumya. Menka sees the call and takes it. He asks for Soumya.

Menka says she is busy at this time. He asks who is she speaking. Menka says Soumya is doing puja arrangements, she is Dadi’s fav, so she is managing the house, if we had fourth son, we would have made her our bahu. Suhani talks to the veg vendor and says she is staying at her mum’s place as she is unwell. She thinks about puja at home. She sees Krishna there and is shocked. He says he has to talk something important about Soumya. She asks what is it, whats left now to talk. He says if someone is asking for a chance to save the marriage, won’t I get that one chance. She says what chance, what is he saying.

He says he was jobless and got angry on Soumya, now he is realizing his mistake. He folds hands and requests her to please talk to Soumya about him. She prays Soumya and Krishna’s relation to have love again. Yuvraaj brings the sindoor plate and Menka opens the huge fan to make the sindoor fall on Soumya. Sharad looks on and sends Snoopi to fail Menka’s plan. He throws the ball and Snoopi runs. He bumps into Yuvraaj and the sindoor plate falls on the ground and some of it gets on Soumya’s face. Dadi brings Soumya to the room and shows her the sindoor on her face.

Dadi says I have seen you seeing Yuvraaj, and I have seen you regretting to say no to him, but the truth is you don’t want to make this sindoor apart, tell me is this true. Soumya looks in the mirror. Suhani tells Pratima about Sharad and Soumya’s relation. Dadi tells Yuvraaj to buy a saree for Soumya. Pratima asks Yuvraaj to meet Suhani and Lata. She clears to Suhani that there is nothing between Sharad and Soumya, and even Sharad says he wants Soumya to be happy with Krishna. Yuvraaj takes Soumya for shopping and buys costly sarees for her, which makes her compare him and Krishna. She is happy to get costly sarees and shows Dadi. Dadi makes Soumya blind by using money and comfort at Birla house.

Yuvraaj goes to meet Lata and Suhani, and Lata asks him to give good news of grandchildren. He excuses himself and starts leaving. Pankaj sees him leaving and stops. Pankaj asks Yuvraaj did he come to take Suhani. Yuvraaj says no. Pankaj says I should have understood you will do this after the loan is passed. Suhani hears them and asks what does he mean. Yuvraaj asks her to ask her dad and leaves. Pankaj lies to Suhani and hugs her. Soumya gives a new look to Yuvraaj’s room. Dadi comes and says home décor guy called.

Soumya says sorry and hugs Dadi. Dadi says its fine, that 1.25 lakh is spent and I can spend anything for beauty. Soumya says she has just changed few things. Dadi asks her not to worry. Dadi asks her to give happiness to their house.Yuvrraaj comes to the room and Soumya asks did he like changes. He says yes to keep her heart. Menka makes Soumya’s mangalsutra get tangles in the leaves. Yuvraaj plucks some flowers and gives Menka. Soumya tries freeing the mangalsutra. Yuvraaj helps her. The mangalsutra breaks and they are shocked. Rags and Menka see them and smile. Yuvraaj says I m sorry, I did not break it intentionally. He pick the beads and apologizes. Soumya says don’t know whats going on in my heart, if he does not praise me I get upset, if he does anything for me, I get a smile.

She sees the mangalsutra beads and asks how can I do this mistake, I did mistake to refuse Yuvraaj and this palace and accepted Krishna and a small hut. Dadi hears this and says I have made her realize her mistake. Sharad and Pratima see Soumya with her mangalsutra. Suhani tells Pratima that her mum is fine, and she is coming back tomorrow. Soumya gets dressed like before and looks at Yuvraaj, while hiding far and smiling seeing him. Pratima and Sharad try to know Dadi’s plan from Menka and gets to know Dadi is planning against Suhani. They get worried and think to keep an eye on Dadi. Will Soumya come between Suhani and Yuvraaj? Keep reading.