Sandhya’s plan fails and RK gets free in Diya Aur Baati Hum

Sooraj’s unity song makes everyone inspired to fight with terrorists and stay united. Maya says you all have gone mad, I feel you are not scared of death. Sooraj scolds them and says Saare Jahaan Se Acha Hindustaan Zakir is undergoing the mask process. Vadeja tells Sandhya that they have made terrorists leave 10 passengers and now they have to go ahead. Arjun says yes, its good. Sandhya says she is ready and she is sure the result will surprise them. Vadeja says Arjun and I are ready for your surprise. They are shocked seeing RK aiming gun at them. He says if you do anything, it will be your responsibility, you thought you will make me faint and make my duplicate. The doctor laughs and claps saying well done, fantastic.

Zakir removes RK’s mask and shocks them. Vadeja says brilliant, superb and claps for him. He says his eyes and ears were fooled, its brilliant. They thank the doctor. Arjun tells Sandhya that she has proved that Zakir has become RK completely. Vadeja asks them to think of the outcome, its not his responsibility, but four of them are responsible, if they are successful then good, else they will have to pay the price. He says if Zakir fails, the world will be against him and call him the traitor. He says Arjun is negotiation expert and was successful always, if he fails, his career will be ruined. He says Sandhya, people will blame her for making the terrorists stay at her home. Sandhya says she is ready to take the risk, they are responsible to save all passengers and want to teach the terrorists a lesson. Zakir says he is ready to take risk.

Arjun says if Sandhya and Zakir can be ready, then my answer can’t be no. Sandhya thanks them. Maya troubles Sooraj more. They decide the passengers to leave and send Chaturi. Maya says you have just 6 hours, RK should be here. She says ASP Sandhya should be taking care of this duty. Babasa and Meenakshi meet Sandhya and Zakir. He asks Sandhya to free Sooraj, Bhabho and Chaturi in the 10 passenger. He asks her to think as his son is her husband too. He asks her to free their family if she cares for them. He asks her to do this, and choose family over duty. Sandhya chooses her duty and leaves.

Sandhya and Zakir as RK leave in the chopper. Chaturi cries and comes home with police. They are glad seeing her. Meenakshi cries and hugs her. Meenakshi asks Chaturi about Sooraj and Bhabho, why did they not come. She makes her drink water. Chaturi says they have treated us more badly than animals, we felt we won’t be alive. Sooraj tells everyone that the time spent here has taught us many things, it made us value relations, family, food. Maya comes out of the plane door. Arjun flies the chopper and lands near the plane. Everyone hear the chopper sound and is glad. Disha says RK has come, if Sandhya does any smartness, then you know what we will do. Maya asks where is my brother.

Sandhya turns and shows RK in the chopper. Sandhya sees all passengers and sees Sooraj and Bhabho. Maya stops RK and talks to him. RK says congrats for completing Operation Grahan. She says you too, and reminds the three rules, never trust anyone. She refuses to take RK, shocking Sandhya and Zakir. Maya questions RK and Zakir answers everything. Maya says one last question, who is the real target of our mission. Sooraj or Sandhya? Sandhya thinks even Zakir does not know this answer. Zakir thinks Mission Grahan, its on Sooraj. He says Sooraj. Maya slaps him and shocks everyone. Maya looks at Zakir angrily.

Maya asks Prema to shoot Bhabho. Sandhya says if she shoots Bhabho, then she will kill RK here. Maya asks is RK here? Sandhya says yes, and brings RK from the chopper. She says we are keeping our promise, now its your turn. Maya says no, I don’t trust you, you have cheated me at every step, and this deal was with us till you got fake RK. She asks how can she believe that this is real RK. Maya asks Prema how did Sandhya get the pistol, did she not check the helicopter. Prema says I don’t know how she has hidden RK and pistol. Maya says till we get satisfied that he is real RK, we will not leave your passengers. Sandhya says I accept and opens RK’s handcuffs. Will Sandhya be able to save all civilians? Keep reading.