Shweta from Pandya Store aka Ankita Bahuguna shares a video of her NEW Abode, check it out

MUMBAI: Pandya Store has managed to create a place in the hearts of the audience with its relatable plot and honest to heart characters. The show has been giving a packaged dose of drama, romance and action ever since it began. The audience finds the characters’ imperfections and stories relatable.

Pandya Store has managed to grab the attention of the masses with its heartfelt and emotional plot that surrounds the Pandya family.

Our viewers also want to know what goes on behind the scenes on their favorite shows and gather some tidbits about their favorite TV star’s life.

Pandya Store recently completed its run of 600 episodes and seems like the cast and crew had a grand celebration about the same.

Now, we know that Shweta left the Pandya house after she was caught creating rifts in the family and for her previous indiscretions. Now, she is living on the streets with Chiku and she is not ready to back down.

We even saw how she resorted to begging for alms in the show, after supposedly having nowhere to go.

Now, we came across a video that Ankita shared and she is showing her new home on the sets of Pandya store.

So, while the character of Shweta is not having the best of time on the show, Ankita seems to be taking it all in stride.

What happens in Pandya Store now?

Meanwhile in Pandya Store, we saw that Raavi meets Shweta and offers her a blanket for Chiku, given that Shweta has stranded herself without a roof over their heads and Chiku shouldn’t suffer for the same.

Raavi acerbically states that even animals have an instinct to protect their children but Shweta seems worse than them since she doesn’t love Chiku enough to do what is best for him.

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