Shlok chooses Niranjan over Astha; Anjali shocked seeing her parents begging in temple in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir

Niranjan confronts Astha asking why did she start to bring change in his house and tells her how much he hates if anyone goes against her. He tells her that he won’t spare anyone and ruin that person who tries to mend his rules. Astha gets scared and tells him that she is not fighting with him but with the wrong traditions. He scolds her for teaching him what’s right and wrong. Astha says I just wanted everyone can breathe by their wish in this house and be happy, they should love you and everyone else, its not my benefit, I want everyone to be happy. Niranjan says you will soon know your place in this house, where your thinking ends, my starts.

Anjali hears this and warns Astha not to risk her happiness for her. Anjali asks Astha to promise if she is not there tomorrow, then she will manage the house as she does, bearing everything, as she does not have strength to bear anything now. Astha says I understand, we know this is wrong, if we don’t stop this, this will continue, but I won’t let this happen. Astha says I will always protect you. Anjali goes to her room at night and Niranjan keeps a belt to beat her. Astha gets an idea and sends Kavya to sleep with them. Niranjan is about to beat Anjali but Kavya comes in and he stops. Sojal says sorry Kavya was adamant that she will sleep with you and she can learn good values, will you make her like you. I don’t want my daughter to get spoiled.

Niranjan sees Kavya slept and scolds Anjali, but he is unable to beat her. Anjali thinks Astha till when will you save me. Astha bribes Kavya to keep the secret and sleep with Anjali daily. Anjali hears Astha praying for the family and feels proud of her. Shlok apologizes to Astha for being rude to her. He justifies himself saying you know Baba is my weakness, do anything, but just don’t hurt Baba.

Niranjan fakes an accident and this shocks Shlok and the family thinking he really got hurt. He asks Anjali to call the pandit. The pandit comes and tells him the reason for all this trouble in Niranjan’s life. He says Shlok is your strength and his love is getting divided now, as Shlok loves you and his wife, but I feel he have to choose any one as the time has come. Astha comes there. Shlok says I will always choose my Baba. Astha and everyone are shocked. He tells Panditji that his son have chosen him being his dutiful son. Niranjan says I have a duty towards my son and daughter in law. I can’t separate them. Panditji asks him to do the Maha Mrityunjay Jaap. Niranjan agrees. Shlok thinks his dad is very great to say these humble words.

Sid meets Jyoti and asks her to accept his love, but Jyoti refuses saying she is married and is pregnant. Sid says he will wait for her and is sure one day she will agree. Anjali thanks the Panditji for saying false thing. Panditji says, I have fallen down in my own eyes. I lied about it. Anjali gives him money and he leaves. Astha recalls Shlok choosing Niranjan and thinks this might be Niranjan’s trick to show her place. Shlok thinks he has hurt Astha by choosing Niranjan. Astha says he did the right thing and you have proved to be a good son and then only can become good in every relation. Shlok says you are my life, but I can do everything for baba. Shlok tells Astha that he can’t even hurt her in his dreams. Astha hugs him.

Anjali goes to the temple to regret and walk on the hot stairs. But Astha reaches there before her and puts water on the stairs. Anjali sees her and is happy again. She hugs Astha. Anjali sees her parents there as beggars and cries. Astha asks her to stop her parents. Anjali says I want them to be alive and I m happy seeing them alive, if Niranjan comes to know about this, he will not leave them. Anjali leaves. Astha takes her parents somewhere. Avdhoot comes home and Kalindi tells her about Sid and Jyoti. He is shocked and scolds her asking her not to risk Astha’s future for Jyoti.

He tells her that Niranjan will never agree for this. Kalindi talks to Ajju and says I was afraid about Avdhoot’s reaction. Ajju says he is right, we did not think about Astha, thinking about Jyoti, give him some time then he will also agree. Anjali says I know Astha kept my parents somewhere, she won’t tell me, she wants me to express my feelings. Anjali thinks she has to be careful that Astha does not do any work that Niranjan sees her, I can’t see anything bad happening to her, as she has started loving Astha. She thinks where did Astha keep her parents and decides to find out. What will Niranjan do if he finds out what Astha did? Keep reading.