Saras and Kumud occupy Prashant’s flat; Prashant gets interested in Kumud in Saraswatichandra

Saras is worried as he did not get the NOC to occupy the flat. Saras says no one is cooperative her, Ratnagiri was so good. He gets his travel agent’s Shastri’s call and asks him to send the marriage certificate by mail. Kabir is irritated by Anushka and says I really can’t take it anymore, have to something to go her go forever, I will scare her that she will run back to Mumbai. Saras gets the marriage certificate and calls the secretary. He says we got the marriage certificate. Saras calls Prashant and tells him we will get the NOC, we want to take our luggage. Prashant asks them to come and take the keys of the flat. Vidyachatur tells about some ghosts in the village and Anushka is scared hearing this.

Kabir gets an idea and scares her in her room acting like ghost. She sees his legs and understands its Kabir. She scares him back. He thinks she is really mad and leaves. Kumud and Saras have panipuri and like it. Saras takes her pics. She says I can walk all life holding your hand. He says till I have your hand in my hand, everything will be fine. They come to the flat getting the NOC. Prashant looks at Kumud and thinks something. Everyone see Mumbai pics in Danny’s phone and likes it. Danny says its selfie. Yash explains them the pic that you can take.

Anushka teaches a lesson to Kabir by putting itching powder in his tshirt. Kabir wears it and itches. Anushka laughs seeing him and shows him the powder saying she did this to take revenge on him, as he has scared her being a ghost. Everyone see Kabir itching and asks him what happened. Kabir says nothing, and goes to have a bath again. Saras and Kumud decide what to buy. They clean the house and set up everything. She says we have to take Mata ji’s blessings, where to keep the idol. He says I want a big smart TV for me. She says you won’t be at home, and I don’t watch tv, why to buy big tv. He says I have to watch cricket matches on big tv. He says I need a sofa cum bed so that I can sleep when you fight. He says I was thinking to have a SUV car. She says we are two people, why to take big car.They have a cute argument.

Saras brings food and wants to make Kumud have it by his hands but there are too many disturbances. Kumud is irritated. A maid comes and smiles seeing Saras. Kumud says she does not need her and asks her to leave. Prashant meets Kumud and stares at the black dots on her neck. Prashant looks around the house and then looks at her asking what she used to do. Kumud says she used to teach in Ratnagiri’s school. Anushka taunts Kabir and he says don’t trouble me. She says I will do it, the game started now. Saras comes home and sees Prashant. Kumud says its good you came, we will have tea together. Saras says she makes good tea. Prashant says I have appointment with my dentist, will have tea later and leaves. He says Prashant looks a good human being. Kumud and Saras surprises each other making them have the car they wish. Atlast, Kumud makes him buy a SUV. Saras gets happy and thanks Kumud.

Kumud arranges her clothes and sees her dupatta missing. Prashant is shown holding the dupatta and feeling love for it. Anushka brings medicines for Vidyachatur, and says it does not matter Yash brings it or me. Badimaa praises her and says you understand us and our needs. Guniyal says yes, she will be a good bahu, the man will be lucky to marry you. Anushka says she is not ready for marriage. Kabir thinks its their plan to trap him. Kabir gives lift to Anushka and tells her that he drinks wine, plays cards and has all bad habits. He thinks that now she will refuse to marry him. Saras hires the maid and tells Kumud that he wants her to spend time with him.

Kumud gets the door locked and Prashant asks her to come with him and sit at his home till the keymaker comes. They have a talk. She tells him about her family. Prashant calls the keymaker late as he wants to spend the time with Kumud. The keymaker comes. Kumud. She asks why did you come late, we called you one hour before. He says I got the call 15 mins before, we are famous for our fast service. Kumud thinks he is lying and believes Prashant. Kumud misses her family. Kusum calls her and Badimaa makes Kumud have food by asking her to eat taking everyone’s names.

Anushka tells Kusum about her friend whose husband started having an affair stating she did not give time to him. Kusum gets worried and starts taking much care of Danny which makes him think whats wrong with Kusum. He asks her why is she behaving weird but she does not tell him. Kusum cooks his fav food and takes extra care of him. Kumud feels lonely at home after finishing all her household work. He misses Saras and waits for him. Why is Prashant eyeing Kumud? Keep reading.