Shaurya cuts his wrist admitting his true love for Durga post her engagement with Neil in Ek Haseena Thi

Shaurya acts cools knowing about Durga and Nel’s engagement. Durga is worried seeing her plan flop. Rajnath tells Sakshi that we don’t need to cancel the project now. Durga tells Dayal that she knows he is not happy, but I hope Shaurya breaks the promise made to Sakshi. Dayal says either you will get engaged to Shaurya or a stranger, so both are bad news for me. Shaurya tells Sakshi that he is going to office from today, now he won’t run after Durga, as he will now be on his path now. Durga comes to meet Dev and asks how is he feeling now. Dev talks about Nitya and how he used to sing song for her.

He says I want to meet Payal, I want to see how is she, I m sure I will reach Nitya through her. Durga takes Dev to temple. Dev asks her where is she taking him, as he lied to everyone. She takes him to meet Payal. She shows him Dayal and Payal. ev meets Payal. Payal hugs him and cries. Dayal asks Durga to step back and let Payal talk to Dev, as he is connected to her past. Dev asks Payal not to cry, as he has come now. He asks where is Nitya. Payal points to Durga and Dev is shocked. Durga informs Dev that Payal mistook her to be Nitya. On Dev’s request, Durga gives Nitya’s diary to him. Sakshi tells Raima that she wants to gift a necklace to Durga. She informs Raima about Shaurya’s changed behaviour.

Durga informs Dev about her proposed marriage. Dev says he will come in her engagement as her good friend. Durga meets Shaurya and tells him that Dr. Dayal has forced her for the engagement. Shaurya asks Durga to get engaged and leave him, and says congrats. Sakshi looks on while Durga is shocked seeing his behavior. Rajnath and Sakshi bring Kangana from the airport. Kangana says I don’t want to go back to US, I was thinking to be here and launch my brand. Rajnath says done, your wish is my command. Sakshi says she looks grown up, shall we find a prince charming for her. Kangana says no way, I won’t do arranged marriage. Dayal and Durga have a talk on the way about engagements decorations. She says he is Neil Bhattacharya, with whom I m getting engaged, will he come on time.

Dayal praises him and says when he talks, it all makes sense. She sees Neil at her home taking care of all the arrangements. She thinks he is decorator. He pulls a rope and red rose petals fall on Durga. Neil is a really good guy and flirts with her seeing her gorgeous looks. She says Dayal described something else about you. Dayal says you changed a lot. Dev reads Nitya’s diary and thinks about her old moments. Kangana comes and greets him. Dev is happy seeing her. Durga thinks about Shaurya’s no reaction till now. She says I just hope Shaurya comes before I get engaged to Neil. The engagement starts and Goenkas are confident that Shaurya won’t come. Durga worries. Shaurya comes at last and shocks everyone. He does not react to anything, not even when Neil dances with Durga. Durga asks Dev to sing a song, and he sings the one he made for Nitya. She thinks about him and her and get emotional.

Even Dev recalls Nitya and misses her a lot. They get engaged and Shaurya atlast gets angry and cuts his wrist. He shouts I love you Durga and faints. Everyone is shocked and Sakshi ruses seeing Shaurya bleed so much. They take him to the hospital where Shaurya already fixed a deal with the doctor, and how he used a blood bag to show its his blood dropping from his wrist cut. Shaurya asks the doctor to go out and say next three hours are crucial for me. Dayal and Durga are on the way and talk about Shaurya’s move. He says he can go to any level to get what he wants, even against his mum.

Durga says we will go hospital and know everything. The doctor says everyone as Shaurya said, that he is very critical. Rajnath says I will give you everything, but get my son back on his feet. Rajnath consoles a crying Sakshi and says I promise I won’t let anything happen to Shaurya. Sakshi says Durga Thakur is responsible for this. Dayal and Durga come there. Dayal asks how is Shaurya now, what did doctors say. Sakshi looks at Durga angrily with tears in her eyes. What will Sakshi do to keep Durga away from Shaurya’s life? Keep reading.