Kabir and Anushka gets engaged; Anushka’s cousin Rohit enters Desai House to harm Saras and Kumud in Saraswatichandra

Saras, Kabir and Danny have a funny scene where they boast about their control on their life partners, and get to hear a scolding from the girls. Kumud, Kusum and Anushka burst into laughter, seeing how the boys are drooling to see them once. Badimaa asks Guniyal to call Anushka as they have to start the puja now. Kabir and Anushka do the puja and everyone look happy. Kabir and Anushka do the aarti. They take everyone’s blessings. Anushka meets someone outside the Desai House and Saras sees her asking whom did she meet. She lies to him and says my dad sent these sweets.

They go inside and everyone chase the sweet box to have the laddoos. Anushka calls her mum and makes Vidyachatur talk to her. He asks are you happy with Kabir and Anushka’s marriage, we did this without asking you, its great if you are happy too. Everyone clap knowing Anushka’s parents are very happy with this proposal and to get a son in law like Kabir. Kabir keeps the first laddoo near the idol and prays. Badimaa is happy saying Ganpati ji had the bhog seeing laddoo missing. Saras is making Kumud eat the laddoo with her hand. Badimaa is shocked seeing the rat die by eating the laddoo. She shouts for Saras and everyone come out asking what happened. Badimaa says may be the Laddoo is poisoned as the rat ate it and died. Everyone gets shocked and ask who could do this.

Saras says how could it be possible when the laddoo came from Anushka’s house. Saras dreams kumud saying that she has to leave his life, suddenly he shouts Kumud and wakes up. Kumud tells him not to worry because their love is with them and they will always live together. Vidyachatur informs all about Anushka and Kabir’s engagement will be held today. Kabir and Anushka get happy. It’s a cute scene between Guniyal and Vidyachatur. She makes the tea for him and he smiles thinking about their marriage time and the first time she made tea for him. Danny comes and sees them holding hands and sharing romantic moment. Guniyal is shy that Danny heard everything.

Danny holds Kusum and is inspired by Guniyal and Vidyachatur. Saras asks Badimaa where is Kumud. Badimaa says she went to school, as principal called her, she wanted to take sweets for kids, she forgot. Saras says I will go and give her. He sees Kumud leaving in an auto and sees a white car coming. He shouts Kumud as the car would have hit the auto. Saras gets very worried for her, thinking about his bad dream. The engagement function starts and Kabir and Anushka exchange rings and get engaged. Everyone is happy.Anushka gives a good surprise to Kumud and Saras by showing their big photo with Made for each other tag. Kumud goes to her room to bring the gift and Saras sees glass pieces near the door and Kumud about to step on it. He shouts Kumud and Anushka saves Kumud to win Saras’ confidence. Anushka asks Saras not to doubt her as she can never harm anyone.

Saras apologizes for doubting on her. Everyone smile seeing Anushka’s goodness. Kabir worries for her. Kumud asks Saras are you planning a surprise for our marriage anniversary. He says yes, say it our first one, we promised to spend our lives together. He says Kabir and Anushka are getting married on our anniversary, this is called coincidence. Saras is making a surprise for Kumud while she is sleeping. Kumud wakes up and he hides it. She asks what did he hide. She sees the ship and says this is my surprise. He says he has made it by love and hardwork, always keep it with you. Kumud and Saras practice the dance.

Kumud’s hand gets hurt and she acts like crying. Saras says I can’t see you in pain, you bear a lot in life, not anymore, I won’t let pain reach you. She nods yes and he hugs her smiling. The mahendi function starts and Anushka meets her cousin Rohit secretly and lies to Kabir about his real intentions. Everyone talk where did Anushka go. Kabir comes with Anushka and Rohit. Kabir tells them that Anushka went to take her cousin. He is Rohit, Anushka’s cousin. Rohit greets everyone. Guniyal says we are glad you came, as there was no one from his side. Everyone play the dandiya together and have fun in the sangeet ceremony. Saras holds Kumud’s hand and signs to play music. They dance on the song Kuch na kahe bas chup rahe. Danny – Kusum and Kabir – Anushka hold hands seeing them. Badimaa wishes Lord that Saras Kumud should not get any bad sight. What’s Anushka and Rohit’s motives to come in Desai House? Keep reading.