Saras and Kumud to get married in Star Plus’s Saraswatichandra

Saras and Kumud, the hot couple of Indian Telly screen is soon going to tie the knot in Saraswatichandra. The show has been a hit among the teenagers thanks to the male lead of the show Gautam Rode. He has a huge fan following and is currently the heartthrob of many girls. Gautam Rode’s acting skills have bowled the Indian audience. This week, the show had many romantic scenes between Kumud and Saras.

Kumud’s grandpa gives them a pearl which is very special to him. It was his wife’s pearl which he carries forward to the next generation. He gives it to Saras and Kumud. Both of them try to keep the pearl with them and argue a lot to have it with them. The fight for the pearl is amazing, they sweetly ditch each other to get the pearl. The scenes are cute when they win over each other. Saras keeps the pearl for some time and Kumud on seeing this, makes a plan to take the pearl from him.

She asks him to turn upside down and stand on his head, while teaching him some dance moves for the Sangeet Ceremony. Saras does so and the pearl falls from his pocket. Kumud takes it and wins over him. Similarly, he takes it back from her by fooling her in his romantic praising talk and taking the pearl from her dupatta. The scenes show the romantic couple getting closer because of the pearl.

They even get locked in a cold storage and the chemistry between them gets hot there. They get closer and warm each other as the temper goes down. They try hard to survive in the cold storage and caress each other’s hands. The acting of both the actors is just perfect, they portray their characters with much ease and perfection. The cold storage scenes are described well.

Next was shown the Sangeet and Haldi Ceremony. Saras dances with Kumud on the song Main Agar Kahoon…….. Everyone dance along with them on different songs. Everyone are seen happily dancing and swinging around the couple. Badimaa blesses the couple and wishes they always stay together. Saras and Kumud are asked not to meet each other till the marriage after the Mehendi Ceremony. They can’t stay without each other even for a minute.

Saras meets Kumud by jumping by her room’s window. He acts romantic and lifts her in his arms and takes her with him to an isolated place where they have candle light dinner together. They spend some cute moments hugging each other. Surprisingly, there is a new entry soon in Saraswatichandra. A guy is following Saras right since when Saras went to make Chanya Choli for Kumud on their engagement. The guy is after Saras and keeps an eye on them and clicks his photos with Kumud and everyone.
All the rituals are over in the show. Kalika takes part in all the rituals happily as she is planning a big thing for the marriage day. Soon, the marriage day will be shown in the serial. Saras and Kumud’s marriage is the most anticipated marriage on Indian Television. The lovers went through lots of hardships and faced many villains in their lives. Pramad, Kalika, Kusum… They all acted as villain and vamps, though Kusum changed dramatically soon after and turned back into a positive character.

It is yet to be seen the most special day of Saras and Kumud’s life. What will it be like. Wow, it will be just wow. Currently, the track shows everyone knowing that Kumud is not in her room and even Saras is not at his home. They assume that they both are together and everyone are happy. When Saras and Kumud come back after their sweet night, they are confronted by everyone at home. Everyone decide to punish them for going against them and meeting against the ritual’s rules.

They will be given a sweet punishment of holding their hands for lifetime. Stay tuned to watch the rocking Shaadi of Star Plus in Saraswatichandra. Saras and Kumud will be tied in an unbreakable relation soon. It’s a happy news for all the fans of the show. Keep watching this space to read more updates of this show.