Akshara expecting a baby in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

This week, the show focused mostly on Bau ji’s marriage discussion. Firstly, Akshara decided to get Bau ji remarried. Soon after Gayatri died, Bau ji started feeling alone. Akshara sees him being lonely and sad. She reads in the newspaper about an old man who married again after he lost his wife. Akshara thinks even Bau ji can remarry as someone has to take Gayatri’s place in his life. Akshara tells about this thought o Naitik. Naitik at first gets angry hearing this and does not understand what made Akshara think so. He does not talk to her for days and this makes Akshara upset.

Naitik then sees Bau ji alone being in his room, or going to park and sitting there for hours alone. He feels that Akshara’s suggestion was right about Bau ji’s remarriage. Naitik talks to Baisa and Bhabhimaa about Bau ji’s second marriage. Both Baisa and Bhabhimaa are shocked. They scold Naitik and Akshara for thinking that someone can take Gayatri’s place in their lives. Bhabhimaa gets Gayatri’s letter where she writes that Bau ji should never be alone in his life and he constantly needs someone to take care of him.

Bhabhimaa realizes that even Gayatri wishes him to be with someone in her absence. Baisa meets a lady Devyaani in the temple. Baisa is happy seeing her serve the old people in the temple and treating them of their illnesses. Baisa meets her often and brings her to home one day to treat Dadda ji. Devyaani checks Dadda ji and maked medicines for him as she is a Ved. Devyaani is a divorcee with two kids who lives with her father. She earns a living being a Ved and making Ayruvedic medicines for people.

Devyaani soon gels well with the family. Bau ji gets a stroke when he is alone in his room. Naksh walks to him and sees him lying on the ground. He calls everyone and everyone are shocked to see Bau ji’s state. They call the doctor and comes to know that he is seriously ill. Akshara and Naitik get more worried about him. They talk to Bau ji about his remarriage and Bau ji can’t believe his ears that his family is thinking about his second marriage. He talks to Gayatri’s photo and tells her that no one can take her place in his life, though everyone thinks he should make anyone else to make a space in his heart but he won’t allow that as its not in his hands.

Bau ji loves and respects Gayatri. He is adamant and asks everyone not to discuss about his re marriage again. The discussion ends and Akshara starts taking care of Bau ji again. Naiitk sees that Akshara is working day and night for the family and is not caring for herself. He starts worrying for her health and asks her to take care of herself too along with others. Akshara says she is worried about Bau ji and has to be with Bau ji always as she does not want anything to happen again with him. Bau ji hears this and realizes how much caring is Akshara. He thinks he scolded Naitik and Akshara a lot though they were thinking only about him.

Akshara starts feeling unwell. Everyone in the family see Akshara fainting and hardly managing the work at home. Naitik asks Akshara to have a check up. Akshara denies saying she is fine. Devyaani comes at the right time and checks Akshara. She says Akshara is pregnant. Naitik gets much happy hearing this while Akshara is worried thinking about her other responsibilities. Naitik asks Akshara to confirm about the pregnancy with the doctor. He takes her to the Gynac and Akshara undergoes a test.

Naitik pulls Akshara’s leg by lying to her that she will be giving birth to twins. Akshara believes him and is worried thinking about the twins. Akshara breaks her pregnancy news to Baisa and Bhabhimaa. They both are very happy and bless Akshara. They are expecting a new member in the family. Akshara tells about the twins and it doubles their happiness. Naitik has to tell Akshara about her real pregnancy report. Akshara informs her family too about her pregnancy and everyone comes to her house to congratulate her. Akshara is soon to be blessed with a baby if the reports are to be true. Keep reading the weekly updates to stay in touch with the track.