Sandhya saves Sooraj’s shop; Kavita and Balkishan get arrested for doing fraud in Diya Aur Baati Hum

Sandhya requests Sooraj to make jalebis for her at night, while his one hand is hurt. He agrees as he can fry them with one hand too, and Sandhya offers her help. They make the jalebis and make each other have it with love. Meenakshi and Emily want to know and meet the blackmailer and come out of their room. They see Sandhya and Sooraj’s sweet romance. Meenakshi keeps the money and thinks to catch the blackmailer red handed. Emily comes there and looks for Meenakshi, as she hides.

Meeenakshi sees Emily and thinks she is the one. Emily says leave my hand, I did not ask money, I m not that blackmailer. Emily says I wrote two chits and then nothing. Meenakshi says see this torch. Emily says it does not have money. t. Someone takes the torch and Meenakshi says its gone. She says if she is here, then where did my money go. Emily says I want to explain you I did not ask you money. You have closed my parlour right, Laxman told me everything. Emily says you did not think how much hurt Mohit and I were, I got angry and wanted to teach you a lesson. Meenakshi says it means this was the secret about parlour. Emily says yes. Meenakshi thinks its good she does not know about baby swapping done by me. Meenakshi says it means you did not take 5000 rs and ring.

Emily says she does not know about money and ring. Meenakshi is getting profit by our fight. Emily says I want to catch that blackmailer but he run because of our fight. Sandhya talks to the lawyer and says we are coming to court. Bhabho prays and Sandhya keep the file. A couple fights and Sandhya goes to stop them. Her file falls and it gets ruined by the water pot which falls by the woman’s hand. Everyone is shocked. Sooraj turns and sees Kavita smiling seeing their problem. Chavi is trying to win Dilip’s heart by acting good and making Pushpa wrong in his eyes. Bhabho asks Sooraj to think again, there is just one way now, else this shop will go. Sooraj says I won’t agree to this.

Sandhya hears them talking. She asks what way. Kavita comes to taunt Sooraj and Sandhya again. She says Sooraj won’t be able to say you, as he does not have courage in him. She says am I right Sooraj, you are actually scared to lose her, thinking she will leave you, as I have left you. She tells Sandhya about her condition she kept two days before, to get the shop back, as she will return the shop papers, but my condition is small one, its you have to come to me and beg me to get the papers.

She asks Sandhya will she do this for her husband, will she bend her head infront of her. Sooraj says this is just a shop, I can sacrifice such 100 shops for her pride and self esteem. He says marriage is on love and trust, and you will not understand this. Sandhya decides to meet Kavita and Bhabho goes with her. Kavita asks them to save the shop if they can find the papers in the mess. Sandhya and Bhabho are given three hours and start finding the papers. They don’t get the papers and Sandhya then understands where Kavita has hidden the papers. Balkishan was keeping his saree shop banner but Sandhya comes and stops Kavita from the inauguration of the shop. Sandhya cuts Kavita’s sleeve by a scissor.

Sandhya gets the papers and everyone is shocked. Sandhya gets the papers and gives it to Sooraj, as it belongs to him. Sooraj smiles. Kavita says I will not leave you Sandhya. Bhabho comes o Kavita and slaps her hard. Bhabho scolds Kavita and praises Sandhya. Zakir taunts Kavita for doing such a cheap work. He says I heard everything and saw, you have cheated Sooraj and was taking his property, so I arrest you. Balkishan tries to run away. Vikram and Meenakshi taunt Kavita and she gets insulted once more. Mohit sees Balkishan going and catches him. Sandhya talks to Sooraj and says congrats for getting back your shop, dream and life. Everyone smile. Sooraj thanks her.

Sandhya checks the courier letter and says its from International Food Festival. Its good news, Sooraj is asked to compete in the food festival, it’s a respect given to Sooraj. Sandhya says Sooraj has to go Jaipur and give his presentation.Sooraj agrees. Vikram turns more better to Meenakshi and she thinks to tell him the truth about Kanha and Misri’s swapping. What will Meenakshi do now? Keep reading.