Astha and Shlok’s full on romance from being strangers to a couple in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir

Astha and Shlok have turned strangers and their new romance is quite interesting. Anjali does Jyoti’s haldi happily. Sojal, Astha and others also do it. Anjali does the other rituals. Shlok and Varad also apply haldi to her. The brothers are really happy by heart for their sister. Shlok thinks how to apply haldi to Astha. Riya meets Astha and asks is he Shlok, your husband. Astha says yes, he is Shlok, but not my husband Shlok, he is our neigbor’s son Shlok. Riya asks are you pulling my leg. Astha says no and lies to her. Riya seems to be interested. Everyone play haldi.

Shlok stops Astha by holding her saree end. She smiles as he applies haldi to her face. He gets closer and she closes her eyes. His haldi touches her cheek. Shlok does some shayari for the first time. Niranjan is working and gets a call from Pawar. He says I did not expect this from you, the land you gave me is useless. Niranjan asks do you know the rate, you can do anything, you don’t need the profit. He taunts Niranjan and says I have all original papers and our conversation recorded. Niranjan says you are doing a big mistake, to threaten me. Riya meets Shlok. She introduces herself as Riya, and says I thought you are Astha’s husband, but then I found out you are Astha’s Devar.

He says what, I m Astha’s Devar? She says yes. He says Astha told you right, I m her brother in law, and her husband’s name is also Shlok. He thinks this lie will be costly for you Astha. They go out for shopping and take Astha. Shlok flirts with Riya to make Astha jealous. Shlok drops Riya home. Astha goes to shopping and Shlok leaves from there to teach her a lesson. Mansi meets Astha and helps her. Astha brings Mansi home and introduces to Anjali saying she helped me in getting back my mangalsutra, as I lost it, and she dropped me home. Niranjan throws money on Pawar and asks him not to show his face again.

Pawar says I know you love your respect a lot. Niranjan slaps him. Pawar says this slap will prove to be costly for you and leaves.Niranjan calls someone and says make Pawar free from this world.Varad sees Mansi and is tensed as Sojal starts questioning them. Shlok teases Astha by applying mahendi to Riya. She gets annoyed and then Shlok goes to her and applies mahendi with his name and devil face. She smiles. Everyone dance in the sangeet function. Shlok and Astha have a romantic dance where they look in each other’s eyes with love.

Riya sees them dancing and her mood gets upset. Varad apologizes to Mansi and she understands him. He hugs her smiling. Astha gives a broach to Shlok and he likes it. Shlok and Astha have a romantic scene. Pawar comes to meet Niranjan and says he will expose him. Astha sees Pawar going and is puzzled why he came at night. Sojal taunts Mansi seeing her leave and upsets Varad. Mansi comes home and thinks about her insulting words. Niranjan thinks he has to do something about Pawar soon. Anjali says we have to fast today, as we have to do Jyoti’s kanyadaan. He says it happens once, not again and again, I won’t do.

She says its a ritual. Niranjan says yes, Shlok and Astha will do it. Niranjan says its happening because of Astha, so she needs this respect. Jyoti says I m so lucky Astha, that you and Shlok will do my Kanyadaan. Sojal is angry as she is elder bahu, but she and Varad does not get any good responsibility, its Varad’s mistake, who thinks about himself, not doing any work for Niranjan. Astha draws a devil face on the mirror. Astha says Mr Rude, you said I will come after you. Shlok thinks she is mad, to say me my line. Astha says I m warning you as time will show, who will win. Shlok hammers the nails and turns to see Astha.

She gives the Dhup in the house. She comes to him and gives the dhup. She brings the first aid and asks him to show his hand. Shlok refuses to take her help and Astha sends Kavya. Pandit says the mahurat is very special today, Jyoti is lucky, if anyone exchanges garlands today, they will be together for seven births. Astha hears this and goes to Shlok with a garland. Astha says Shlok, I will do kanyadaan as Astha Shlok Agnohotri, not a stranger, I will end this game now. He wears the broach she gifted him and she smiles. She says get happy Shlok, I came to you, you are important to me. I love you a lot Shlok, I can’t live without you.

Astha cries and says how important he is for her. She says I don’t have any identify without you, I love you so much. I m incomplete without you. Shlok is very happy and wipes her tears. He says I love you too Astha. She makes him wear the garland with her love and says I will be yours for next seven births. He keeps his hand on her lips and gets her in the same garland. They have a romantic union. Will Niranjan’s secret come out? Keep reading.