Sandhya catches Vineet and proves Mohit innocent; She wins her second positive memo in Diya Aur Baati Hum

Bhabho and Babasa go to the temple to pray for their sons. As they all are in problem now, Mohit is in jail, Vikram has to return money to his friend and Sooraj is risking his life helping Zakir and Sandhya. Bhabho’s feet gets hurt by a thorn. A disguised Suraj removes the thorn. Bhabho and Bhabhasa are surprised and do not recognize him. Suraj tells that it is good to take parents blessings whenever they go for any important work. They understand its Sooraj and then sees Zakir as a foreigner. Sooraj tells them the plan. Suraj and Zakir are visiting some garages in Pushkar and speaking to the mechanics there.

They inform that Zakir who is a foreigner needs four bikes and is ready to pay in dollars and in full cash and they also have no issues with vehicle documents. They plan to get hold of Vineet by going this, as anyone can be an informer to Vineet and take them to Vineet’s place. Zakir and Suraj leave for Ajmer to speak to some more mechanics. Bhabho asks if they do not find the thieves, will they not release Mohit. Sandhya reassures Bhabho that police needs proofs and they are working on it. Suraj gets a call and this time it is one of the persons they spoke to. He asks them to come to a place in Ajmer in an hour. He says don’t worry, Sooraj and I will manage, Vineet is very smart, first he is testing us to give us the bike on good amount, and we have to pass.

Sooraj gets tensed and Bhabho gives him strength and worries for him. Sooraj says I have your blessings. They reach the place. Zakir says we will stand there, its raining. Someone is already watching them from far. The inspector comes and asks for Zakir’s passport. Sandhya calls Sooraj and hears everything. Zakir shows the passport and says I know. Sooraj says why did we lie to him, we should have told him. Zakir says no, he was fake police, we have to do our acting, as Vineet is keeping an eye on us. Vineet gets convinced and decides to sell the bikes to them. Zakir pays the cash and Shankar takes them to meet Vineet. Zakir says I like the place and loves the bikes. He tries to get details from him and asks his name. Vineet says Mohit Rathi and they are shocked. Zakir and Sooraj understand its Vineet.

Vineet touches him and gets color on his hand. He catches Sooraj’s lie as puts water on his face.The fight begins and Vineet runs from there seeing the police doing the raid on his garage. Sandhya sees Vineet running and follows him on her police bike. Vineet speeds up but Sandhya does some high humping act to get on him.Vineet ends up at the cliff and Sandhya stops his bike too. Vineet sees the dead end of the valley and gets down the bike.He tries to jump but Sandhya takes out her gun. He falls and she holds him. Zakir and Sooraj come there and pull up both of them. Zakir catches Vineet and asks how much are you going to run. He says Sandhya has caught him. SP comes and praises Zakir for dealing this matter so well. Zakir smiles and thanks him, saying my team has always supported me, but the truth is there is one more officer in this, who has helped me in catching Vineet, she is Sandhya.

SP says we give only one positive memo, I hope you understand, its for you and can help you in your career, it depends on you, you want it or give it to Sandhya. Mohit gets free and comes home. Everyone is very happy seeing him and thanks Sandhya. Emily and Mohit apologize to Bhabho. Zakir comes and gives the memo to Sandhya and praises her for her bravery and intelligence. Mohit says I will find a good job and work, till then I will work at Sooraj’s shop. Babasa says it’s a great day as Mohit came back and Sandhya got positive memo. Meenakshi says there is third good news also as my sister is getting engaged. Bhabho keeps a satyanarayana puja at home and Sandhya gets busy in it. Everyone seems to be happy and Meenakshi goes to invite Taisa, and hopes to meet her daughter Misri in the puja function. What will be Sandhya’s third task? Keep reading.