Roshni's life in DANGER on Jamai Raja!

Aanya’s Mami to take an evil step against Roshni in the coming episodes

Siddharth (Ravi Dubey) and Roshni (Nia Sharma) are both re-marrying but with different people on Zee TV show, Jamai Raja!

The upcoming track will see Roshni’s life at risk because of Neil’s aunt, who will conspire an evil plan against her as she would not be too happy with Roshni and Neil’s alliance.

Mami will try to burn Roshni alive by leaving the gas cylinder tap open and this will result in the kitchen catching fire. Here, Roshni who will enter the kitchen to check what led to the mayhem will get stuck inside and to succeed in her motive, Neil’s aunt would shut the door so that Roshni cannot escape.

However, Siddharth and Neil both will reach there in the nick of time and rush to save their love. The situation will get all the more dramatic when both the heroes will offer their hand to Roshni in order to save her and the latter in an unconscious state will choose Siddharth’s hand to come out of the problem.

Jamai Raja will yet again succeed in saving his lady love Roshni on the show.
But the drama doesn’t stop here! Siddharth will be injured while saving Roshni and will end up burning his hands. After this incident, Neil’s aunt will postpone Siddharth and Aanaya’s alliance.
Well, how far will this marriage track extends is a wait and watch!

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