Asad declared as the third terrorist on Dahleez!

In a shocking turn of events..

Dahleez has been churning out some extremely gripping tracks of late, that give the audience a nail-biting experience. A lot of drama and revelations lead to the police catching the first two terrorists. However, the hunt for the third terrorist has been on ever since.

Now after gathering sufficient proofs, the police have declared Asad as the third terrorist! The police will soon enter the Sinha house and arrest Haider Jilani as they suspect him of being involved in the bomb blast! Adarsh’s family also blames Jilani for Abhay’s death. They fully support the police’s decision.

On the other hand, all this drama will take a toll on Swadheenta. She thinks that her brother and her uncle have been wrongly accused of being terrorists. Now Swadheenta decides that she will try and prove that the accusation on her brother and her uncle is false. With Swadheenta supporting the Jilani’s, her relationship with Adarsh will suffer as Adarsh’s family blames the Jilani’s of terrorism.

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