Ranvi wins Junoon 2012 competition and comes to Pind; Veera agrees to marry Baldev in Veera

Anmol kidnaps Ranvi and admits all his crimes to him saying he has blamed Rishabh and got him eliminated from the competition. He asks the goons to not let Ranvi leave, he will tell what to do about Ranvi finally. Ranvi says you can’t win like this. The goons take Ranvi and his chain falls there. Baldev, Veera, Ratan and Gunjan come to see Ranvi in the finals and reach the venue. Everyone is shocked knowing there was no press conference. The crew member says I did not message, find him and bring him here, the competition is starting. Gunjan prays for Ranvi and tells everything how Rishabh tried to kill him. Everyone is shocked.

Anmol acts sweet and asks Gunjan what happened. Gunjan says Ranvi is missing. Anmol says what, maybe its Rishabh’s plan to take revenge. Anmol says where did the taxi take him, I hope he comes soon. Veera notices he took taxi’s name and doubts on Anmol. Vishnu says yes, Anmol is the one who has given all proofs against Rishabh. Veera and Baldev take Anmol’s phone and come to know the goons have kept Ranvi somewhere. Veera recalls the taxi number and finds out details. They talk to driver and reach that place. They try to find Ranvi and see his chain. They see Ranvi fighting with the goons. Baldev beats the goons.

Sharib and Toshi sing the song Main Tenu Samjhawan. Megha and Gunjan meet Rishabh and come to know he did not harm Ranvi. They reach the venue as Veera says she is bringing Ranvi. Dev waits a lot for Ranvi. Anmol gives his performance and is happy that Ranvi won’t come now. The audience cheers for Ranvi. Dev says I know you all are eagerly waiting for him and tells Gunjan that I have to declare Anmol the winner as I m helpless seeing Ranvi absent. Ranvi comes there and stops Dev from declaring Anmol the winner. He changes his clothes and performs. Anmol is jealous seeing Ranvi sing so well.

Rishabh and Vishnu cheer for Ranvi. Dev claps for Ranvi being very happy seeing his talent. Everyone clap for him in Pind. Ratan hugs Gunjan and Veera. Dev says the results criteria is live voting, don’t go anywhere, we are going for short break, we will be right back. Ranvi comes to Anmol. Anmol says he does not want his favor. Ranvi says if you were sure of your talent, why did you insult the talent and friendship. Anmol says he did this to get the number one trophy, I deserve it, you can’t win, the decision will be out today. Dev says he will disqualify Anmol. Ranvi says no, give him a fair chance to test his talent. Dev shows the result.

Anmol says 82 lakhs votes. He says lets see Ranvi’s votes now, will he win or not. Everyone pray. Ranvi gets 95 lakh votes and wins. Everyone smile and is very happy for Ranvi. Dev declares Ranvi as the winner. Ranvi says he wants to take the person’s name who is behind his success. Ranvi says she supported me a lot, I won today because of her, I will always be indebted to you, thanks a lot Megha ji. He then tells about the little angel in his life, Veera. Gunjan makes Ranvi busy in the events and functions to give him good publicity.

Chaiji shows Ranvi’s pic in paper to Sampooran. She says he came first, see the prize, he is looking so good. He says Ranvi and Veera are each other’s strength and life. Bansuri talks to the pind ladies and says you will need appointment to meet Gunjan. They tell her about Baldev chosen a girl. Bansuri asks who is she. They say everyone knows its Veera. Bansuri is shocked. Ratan asks Ranvi when will he come back to Pind. She says everyone want to welcome you and give a grand function. Veera says yes, I m so excited. Ranvi says when ever you say Biji. Gunjan says Ranvi, you can’t go back to Pind. Everyone is shocked.

Veera and Baldev have a sweet scene after their fight, as Veera is unable to tell Ranvi about her and Baldev. Baldev comes back to Pind, and Veera and Ratan come later. They meet and Bansuri misses to see them. Gunjan buys a car and flat in Mumbai without telling Ranvi. Ranvi gets angry and says how can she decide from her side. Gunjan asks Ranvi to stay in Mumbai as it has everything here, how can he think to leave all this and do farming in Pind. He says he wants to go to her family. She says she won’t go from here leaving her friends here. Ranvi says he has booked the tickets and now they are going.

Gunjan talks to Bansuri and Bansuri explains her to agree with Ranvi and come, then she will help her and send him back. They come to Pind and everyone is happy. Veera tells Baldev that she is ready to marry him. Baldev is very glad and informs Balwant and Bansuri. Bansuri says he can’t marry her and shocks him. What will happen now? Keep reading.

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