Raman hugs Ishita and says I love you shocking her in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

We have seen last week about Trisha’s entry in the show. Mihika is jealous seeing her closer with Mihir and wants to get rid of her soon. Mihika still loves Mihir but is angry on him for not taking a stand for their love infront of Raman. She knows that Mihir cannot go against Raman and will do only what Raman asks him to do. Raman asked Mihir to meet Trisha who has come to know more about him and marry him if she likes him. Trisha is falling for Mihir as he is a genuinely good guy. Trisha meets Mihika as she comes to know Mihika is Mihir’s friend and Trisha asks her about Mihir’s likes and dislikes. Mihika lies to her that Mihir likes spicy food and to impress him, she should also have spicy food.

Trisha eats spicy food and gets much unwell. Mihir asks her why did she eat it if she can’t bear. Trisha tells him that Mihika told her that he loves spicy food. Mihir confronts Mihika for lying to Trisha and making her fall in trouble. He tells Mihika to stop playing games and she only wanted him to go away from her life, and if now he is happy with someone else, why can’t she let him. He asks Mihika to stay away from Trisha. Mihika is hurt by Mihir’s words.

Raman tells Ruhi that he wants to take Ishita and her for dinner tonight. Ishita is happy seeing Raman taking care of Ruhi’s happiness. They go for the dinner and to Ishita’s surprise, Adi comes there with Shagun and Ashok. Adi asks Raman to make Ishita apologize to him and Shagun for her bad behavior in the holi event. Raman asks Ishita to apologize knowing that it was not her mistake. Ishita is hurt and understands why Raman brought her here. Ishita thinks about Ruhi’s happiness and apologizes to Adi and Shagun. Raman feels bad that he did wrong with Ishita only for the sake of Adi and winning his love.

Raman loves Adi a lot and is ruining his marital life for him. He comes home and sees Ishita upset. Ruhi hears how Ishita apologized to Adi and cried. Raman comes home and feels Ruhi is annoyed with him as he did wrong today. He talks to Mrs. Bhalla and says he will be happy and satisfies with what he has, he has Ruhi with him, and he is ruining her happiness for getting Adi’s love, which is wrong. He tells her that from now on, he will not run after Adi. Adi has become Shagun’s son and is against him and may not return to him. He says from now on, he will keep Ruhi happy and try to become a good father for her as she wants him to be. He says he will apologize to Ishita for Ruhi’s sake.

He makes some attempts to apologize to Ishita by making dosas for her. He fails in making the dosas right and orders some from the hotel. Ishita comes to know that he did not made it on his own and laughs on him. She is not angry on him as she understands that he did all that to win Adi’s love and parents can do anything for their children. Raman brings icecreams to make Ishita and Ruhi happy. Ishita makes Ruhi prepare for the elocution competition where the topic is My Papa. Ruhi wants Raman to come to her school and attend the event.

Amma keeps Trisha at her home as a PG. Mihika tells her that Trisha came to marry Mihir. Amma promises Mihika that she will help her and make Trisha leave the house. Raman wants to know the timings and thinks whom to ask as Ruhi and Ishita are not talking to him. Ishita tells him the time and asks him to come on time. Raman says he is her father and will come at any cost. Raman gets late for the event and gets a back seat. Ishita and Ruhi does not see him present. Ishita thinks Raman failed to come and lies to Ruhi that he came and was busy so he left for the meeting. Ruhi is happy knowing Raman liked her speech. Raman hears the speech and feels proud of Ruhi.

Raman arranges a surprise for Ruhi but till then Ishita takes Ruhi home. Raman comes home and sees Ishita. Both of them have an argument about Ruhi. Raman tells Ishita that he came there late and attended the event. He sees Ruhi watching them and ends his anger. He suddenly hugs Ishita and says he loves her a lot. Ishita is shocked as she does not know why Raman is doing this. Will Raman really love Ishita from his heart? Keep reading.