Kumud caught in Sunanda’s brother in Chandni Bazaar in Saraaswatichandra

Kumud lands in the irking area of the dancing girls only to know more about Ghuman’s past. It was not at all needed for Kumud to go there, as she already knew that Ghuman was a dancer and married the rich Laxminandan meeting him at her Kotha. Kumud does not need to know more about her, but she lands there to know Ghuman’s secret which can help her in making Saras and Danny closer. She does this to unite the brothers. Nevertheless, Kumud gets into a problem as some men bad eye her and tease her. The Lord sends a transgender to help Kumud and she saves Kumud from the men.

Kumud is thankful to her and she helps him in knowing about Ghuman and her past. Kumud finds out about the old ghungroos that Ghuman used and that she was a top dancer of her times. Kumud is thankful to the Lord for the info she got. She asks Kumud to be cautious and go ahead to Chandni Bazaar to know more about Ghuman. Kumud gets scared of going alone but she is strong enough to face anything. A man meets her and takes her to Sunanda’s kotha where she meets Sunanda. She at first promises Kumud that she will tell Kumud what all she knows about Ghuman’s past and acts very sweet to Kumud. Kumud is much happy as she is not aware of the risk of her being in such place.

Sunanda talks to her nicely and asks Kumud to call her family and inform them she is safe. She then shows her real face to Kumud and throws her phone in water. Kumud is shocked and asks her why did she do this. Sunanda tells her that she does not let anyone go whom she likes and now she likes Kumud and will never allow her to leave from her place. She locks Kumud in a room and asks her to take Ghuman’s place in her Kotha. She asks Kumud to dance and sing to woo the men at the place. Kumud is shocked as she did not expect this from her. Kumud tells her that how much she trusted her and this is how she cheated her by making her like her.

Sunanda asks Kumud to have food and freshen up for her dance act as the guests are waiting for her special dance item. She brings clothes and jewellery for her asking her to get ready soon. Kumud throws those things and tells her she will die but not dance in her Kotha. Sunanda’s right hand Jugnu is struck by Kumud’s beauty and falls in love with her. He sees how Kumud is resisting her and she does not want to dance. He asks Sunanda to leave Kumud and let her go, and he will bring some new girls for her. Sunanda says you have gone mad in her love and she will not leave her. Sunanda tortures Kumud asking her to agree to her orders.

Saras is trying hard to find Kumud along with Danny and Kabir. Everyone are worried that Kumud has gone missing and they don’t know where she went and why. Everyone start praying for Kumud to come back home safely. Saras is losing hope and getting upset after not getting Kumud. Saras checks at the bus stop, railway station, airport and taxi stands. He does not Kumud anywhere. Some girls come to meet Kumud and Saras makes them have food at his house for Navratri function. Ghuman gets a call from Sunanda and she tells Ghuman that Kumud is with her and she will make Kumud dance and take her place. Ghuman is shocked and does not know what to do.

Ghuman wants to get rid of Kumud, but not in this way. It is true that she hates Kumud, but she can’t see Kumud becoming a dancer. Ghuman thinks Kumud has landed in a big problem and she can never come back home now. A girl tells Saras that she met Kumud and saw her at a shop. Saras is thankful to her and goes to find out about Kumud at the shop. He comes to know that Kumud was finding out about some old ghungroos and went to Sundarnagar. He leaves for Sundarnagar to find Kumud. Will Saras be able to save Kumud from Sunanda’s evil clutched? Keep reading next week.