Payal asks for decision making rights; Ayush enters Diwaan Family in Pyaar Ka Dard Hai

Everyone tries to tell Pankhudi about Adi and Ayesha’s marriage. They say why Adi married Ayesha, as Ayesha has lost her image by the magazine bold cover page photo and Nilofer asking Adi will he marry her, and how Adi supported Ayesha and gave her a husband name. Adi says sorry, I found out everywhere, I did not lose hope, no one trusted me, I knew you are alive. Adi says he loves only her, say something. She says you love me so much, if I say anything, it will look small. She says you waited for me for two years, you trusted your love, so I came back to keep up my love. She says love does not need guarantee card, heart is enough. She hugs Adi. She praises Ayesha. Ayesha says how can you trust me, won’t you question me.

Pankhudi says you would have not risked your life if you were bad at heart. Ayesha says I m sure to say something, I can’t hide my love. She says she loves her Adi. Pankhudi is shocked. Ayesha says I understood that Adi can love only you, I don’t want to apologize and make my love small, but I will never claim it, as I know nothing is asked in love, it just given, Pankhudi was always between us, we were just friends. Harish says we are helpless to fate. Ayesha says no, fate got me here as Pankhudi took time to come, don’t think I m running Australia as I did not get Adi. Adi says we will always be there for you as your friends, and will support you.Nani says she will go with Ayesha to Australia and they leave as Ayesha takes permission from Pankhudi to always love Adi.

Adi and Pankhudi have a dinner date. They smile and look very much in love. Adi holds her and gets closer to kiss her. Harish keeps on disturbing him. Avantika stops Harish from this jokes. Adi and Pankhudi have a romantic time. Rubel comes to know about his legs gone incapable and cries. He comes home shocking everyone, using his walking sticks. Payal is disturbed knowing Pankhudi and Adi have spared the kidnappers who made Rubel’s state helpless. Harish asks Adi and Pankhudi to go on romantic holiday. Adi refuses to go and explains that he needs to be with Rubel at this time. Payal feels Pankhudi and Adi are taking all decisions for Rubel and is irked.

She talks to Sheela about this and asks her to support her as she does not want Rubel to become burden from brother for Adi. I don’t want him to be in complex that his family is growing him and not value him. Avantika gets blank calls from someone and is worried. They come home and are stunned seeing the surprise party. Rubel says he made them keep it for Pankhudi’s welcome back. Payal gets angry and scolds Pankhudi. She says how they are making Rubel helpless by showering pity and is mentally weakening him. Payal says everyone will ask me before taking any decision of this house, I want decision making power of this house.

Sheela says we did not celebrate anything for two years. And today, you came yesterday in this state and no one cares. Anuj says we kept party to give a change to Rubel. Sheela says she is a mum and worries for her son. Avantika says she knows family’s importance and if they have to agree to Payal’s demand, then its fine. Adi says they will not agree to take away rights from Rubel and they will take decisions asking Rubel. Few people ask for Pankhudi’s home and come there. She says they have helped her after landslide, they took care of me and made me capable. Adi thanks them. They call Ayush inside who treated Pankhudi.

The lady tells everyone that Pankhudi knows Ayush is not normal. Pankhudi says yes, he is not mentally unstable, but he is slower than others. He has capability to have healing powers. The lady says he did many favors on us, so we got him here to get his treatment done, if you can help too. Adi says we will help him, if you don’t feel bad, I will do all expenses of his treatment. The lady asks him to keep him somewhere, not in hospital. Payal says we can’t keep any stranger here. Rubel says he is the one who treated Pankhudi.

Adi says he can’t be alone in hospital, if he stays here, I m sure he will get recovered soon, he has saved Pankhudi’s life, we can do this for him. Rubel convinces Payal to keep Ayush at home, while everyone find him a bit odd. Ayush shows his knowledge about Diwaan family shocking everyone. Who is Ayush and how is he related to Diwaan family? Keep reading.