Adi brings Pankhudi and Ayesha home safely and tells Pankhudi about his marriage with Ayesha in Pyaar Ka Dard Hai

Pankhudi gets conscious and tells everyone about what happened with her and how she got missing for two years. She gives the statement to Sawant. She tells about the trio whom she saw at the temple stealing the Lord’s jewellery and she tried to stop them. She has hidden the jewellery at some place and run away, but they caught her. While she tried explaining them its wrong, they did not listen to her and hit on her head, leading to coma. The trio also recalls this night and Ayesha hears them talking the same. She comes to know everything. her with us since two years and again have to take her out of Mumbai.

Ayesha hears everything. She gets it recorded and hides her phone. She thinks she recorded their truth, she does not have network, else they would have been exposed, now she won’t leave them. Ayesha goes out to make the call to Adi. Ayesha calls Adi and he asks where is she. Sahil catches her and talks to Adi, and offers him to give Pankhudi and takes Ayesha. Adi is shocked. Avantika asks Adi how can he give such a bad demand, we can’t handover Pankhudi. Adi says yes. Nilofer asks what did they say. Harish says they won’t do anything to Ayesha. Adi says they will give Ayesha when we give Pankhudi.

Pankhudi hears this and says nothing will happen to Ayesha, she will come home safe. Harish says are you out of your mind, let us find some way. He asks Nilofer to give some time. Sawant says we can tell them that we are sending Pankhudi and fool them. Adi says things can get complicated and be harmful for Ayesha. Pankhudi says Adi please agree, we don’t have any other way. Sawant gets a call and says we got info about the trio who were SSR college students, we can get some proof there.

Sawant comes and says his officers will follow Adi in civil dress, he will also be close, but make sure they don’t doubt on us. Adi and Pankhudi reach there. Pankhudi asks Sahil to leave Ayesha. Sahil says Ayesha is not here. Adi asks what do you mean. Sahil says you think I m fool. Sahil says we will wait for 5mins, we will leave and meet Ayesha. Sahil asks Adi to check whether the police is gone. They go to the college premises where they kept Ayesha. Ayesha and Pankhudi are shocked seeing each other. The police tracks them and reaches there. Ayesha makes Pankhudi run out.

Pankhudi says let me talk to them once, they are not bad, they are walking on wrong way. Sharma says criminals are not handled by words. Pankhudi says let me try, if I fail, you can take any action. Pankhudi comes to the trio. Sahil checks her and says rich people can cheat anyone. Pankhudi talks to them. Sahil tells about being the university topper but still not getting job, so he took the wrong path.

Sangeeta says saying is easy, doing is tough. She says she was poor, she had a dream to unburden her father, but she could not do anything. Adi says I trust Pankhudi, she will manage. Anshul says he is topper in maths, he did not know maths will need English, and he failed and did not get a job from any company, he did not had English medium school in his small city, its not his mistake. Their parents come there and they get ashamed of their doings. They apologize to everyone and surrender to the police.

Their fathers ask them to go and pass their punishment, then a new life will wait them. Pankhudi says she wants to take the kidnapping complain back, if Adi and Ayesha agree. The trio gets shocked. Adi says the same and asks Sharma to free the trio by giving less punishment in other cases. The trio thank them. Everyone wait for Pankhudi att home. Adi brings Pankhudi and Ayesha home. Ayesha says she got a confirmation from Australia college with full scholarship. Adi asks Ayesha why is she running. She says why will I run. He says will you lie to yourself too. Pankhudi asks whats the matter.

Adi tells Pankhudi I don’t know how you will react hearing this, but you have to know the truth. Ayesha gets tensed. Adi says its important for you to know the truth, Ayesha and I have done registered marriage three months ago. Pankhudi is shocked and looks at Ayesha. Ayesha says hear me once, it was just a compromise, our relation did not go ahead more than paper one. Pankhudi cries being shocked. What will be Pankhudi’s reaction on this matter? Keep reading.