Paragi aka Akshita Mudgal REVEALS her reason on agreeing upon Zee TV’s Iss Mod Se Jaate Hai

Zee TV is all set to come up with their new show Iss Mod Se Jaate Hai produced by Parin Multimedia. With Akshita Mudgal as Paragi and Hitesh Bhardwaj as Sanjay.

In an exclusive conversation with Akshita we asked her about her reason on picking yet another strong role after Ishq Par Zor Nahi, check out what she had to tell.

Akshita said, I wanted to portray that women are not supposed to be bound by societal norms. Paragi has gone through alot of things too to reach her goal for UPSC so yes that was my thought behind taking up this character to address the biases that we go though in our lives due to the norms and mentality that the society possess. Women can do everything, can handle everything be it from home, family, handling her job and even her child.

Producer Saurabh Tewary added, I would love to add that through the story we aren’t projecting that for a girl to move ahead she need a man. Paragi is not excelling in her life because of Sanjay, she can do it on her own. Sanjay is a example for the society that such men should as be a part of the society to encourage women and not demean them.

We are excited to meet Paragi and you all?

Well, we can’t wait to meet Hitesh as Sanjay and you all?

For more exciting updates, stay tuned.

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