OH NO! Is Parineetii’s Ankur Verma aka Rajeev to die in the show ?

Mumbai: Tvlogist is back with yet another update from the Telly world. Parineeti went on floors from the 14th of February. The story revolves around two best friends who end up marrying the same boy. The show looks promising with the gorgeous ladies Anchal Sahu and Tanvi Dogra and the dapper Ankur Verma in lead roles.

Take a look at this behind the scenes video from the sets of Parineetii. As we can see Ankur aka Rajeev is stabbed and has all the blood spilling out of his abdomen. Also, Anchal Sahu aka Parineet aka Anchal Sahu is by his side. Fans are super excited to see what’s going to happen in the upcoming track. Will his life be saved or will he die in the track?

Meanwhile, Parineeti meets Sukhwinder and takes her along to the Bajwa mansion.

Further, Sukhwinder is welcomed by Parminder at her house and insists on joining her for the puja.

Later, Sukhwinder feels welcomed at the Bajwa mansion and invites the Bajwas to her daughter Neeti’s wedding.

What will happen after the Bajwas and the Junejas join together for Sanju and Neeti’s wedding?

Will Sanju be caught as his real family be arriving at his wedding with Neeti and expose him as Rajeev?

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