Oh NO! ‘Ban Armaan From YHC’ trends, after fans express their anger on Altamash Faraz’s re-entry

MUMBAI: Star Plus’ daily show ‘Yeh Hai Chahatein’ has a very loyal fan base who adore Sargun Luthra (Preesha) and Rudraksh (Abrar Qazi) to bits. Now the makers are planning to bring back actors Altamash Faraz and Karan Kaushal Sharma as Armaan and Chachaji. Fans are totally against this. In fact, BAN ARMAAN FROM YHC is trending big time.

One user commented, “NO he is not coming. I don’t think I hv ever been this mean to anyone but this guy, he deserves no niceness. So, no he is not welcome! Not even saying this in anger, but if he comes we all go. For 1 char, you are risking your 2.5 years-worth of supporters! BAN ARMAAN FROM YHC.”

Another wrote, “The makers have seen our anger before but they’ve never seen us say that we would stop watching the show altogether. Like we are so supportive, the sole promoters of the show because nobody else can be bothered! BAN ARMAAN FROM YHC.”

As of now, the plot revolves around how Preesha is pregnant and Revathi wants her to give up her baby for adoption. It seems she blames Preesha for the demise of her close ones, and feels Preesha must compensate with equal pain and suffering.

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