MUST READ! Model Muskaan Kataria opens up about her painful breakup with Faisal Khan

MUMBAI :Model and actress Muskaan Kataria, known for her appearance on Nach Baliye in 2019, with actor and dancer Faisal Khan, had left the spotlight for almost 3 years. She wasn’t to be seen in any upcoming project until much recently, this year. This comes post her painful breakup with her Nach Baliye partner, Faisal Khan. She has even completed work on an upcoming web series.

Talking about the gap, she says, “I was looking for work when the pandemic struck, but everything came to a halt at that time. So I returned to my parents in Jaipur, and decided to help my father in his business. It’s not that I put my acting aspirations on the back burner. I continued to give auditions from my hometown. I returned to Mumbai earlier this year and have done a few commercials since. I completed a web series recently. It is a psychological thriller and I play the lead in it. I am glad that I have started taking baby steps after a long wait and several rejections.”

The actress had auditioned for TV shows as well. However, she is now keen to work on OTT and films. She says, “It’s true that I am more focused on films and the web, but that doesn’t mean that I have shut myself off from TV. The reason probably is that I don’t watch daily soaps myself. However, as an artiste, I am open to all mediums. I am aware that being a newcomer, I won’t have much to choose from, but I will try to take up only quality work.”

Muskaan had been in the news for her painful breakup with Faisal Khan, after dating for a year and a half. She had accused him of cheating on her twice, which he later denied. Now Muskaan shares that she has learnt plenty from her failed relationship. She adds, “Everything that happened was a learning experience for me. It was good until I found out the truth and I don’t regret the way it ended, as it was destined to. The biggest learning is that I will not make my relationship public until I am not sure of it. I should not rush into things, which I did during the last one. One needs to give a relationship time and keep it private until it is permanent.”

Thought this relationship ended bitterly, she still believes in love. “A bad split doesn’t mean no one is allowed to enter my life now. I believe in love. Just because the last person wasn’t right, it doesn’t mean that the right one doesn’t exist. It’s just that I am not seeking love actively. I am single and my work is of the utmost priority at this point.”

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