Meenakshi saves Misri from child marriage; Baby swapping truth comes out in Diya Aur Baati Hum

Vikram loves Meenakshi a lot and seeing Sandhya and Sooraj’s strong bond, he feels he should also give respect to Meenakshi. He says stop doing such things, you will become a good woman, you are the best, I will do what you say, I will romance with you. He asks her to tell him if there is anything hidden or any lie. He says lets promise we will not lie to each other. Meenakshi thinks to tell him the truth. She says I know you love me a lot, and you can’t lie to me. She asks will you forgive me if I say anything. He says yes. She tries to tell him about baby swapping and Vikram leaves getting a call.

She then changes her mind. Sooraj and Sandhya has a romantic scene in the morning. Meenakshi goes for some work and sees Taisa having some function at far place. She gets suspicious seeing Misri’s clothes and gets in the tempo to go there. Sandhya and Emily get the pink chit asking for Rs 50000 to hide Kanha’s secret. Sandhya is puzzled about Meenakshi’s Kanha secret. Meenakshi reaches the wedding hall and thinks someone’s marriage is happening here. She says lets see who is the bride. She is shocked to see Misri being the bride. Meenakshi calls Sandhya but can’t connect. She then calls Sooraj and says Taisa is making Misri’s child marriage. Sooraj says its illegal.

Meenakshi cries. Sandhya and Emily plan to catch the blackmailer and Vikram also joins them. Meenakshi thinks she can’t ruin Misri’s life, she is alone and she can’t stop them. The blackmailer comes and Sandhya catches her. It is revealed that its Sudha, Meenakshi’s sister. Everyone is shocked seeing her. Zakir says its good Sooraj you came to us, as it’s a crime for child marriage, we have to catch them red handed, if they know we are coming to stop them. Sudha tells the truth to everyone why she was blackmailing Meenakshi. Sudha tells about Kanha’s secret Vikram says it means you were just scaring her to get money, are you not ashamed to do this. Sandhya says no, I feel she knows it, tell the truth else I will arrest you.

Sudha tells Meenakshi has swapped her baby daughter Misri with Kanha. Everyone is shocked. Meenakshi argues with Taisa and asks her not to do Misri’s child marriage. Taisa asks her to leave. Meenakshi says I won’t go alone. A guy hits on her head with the stick and she falls. Zakir comes and stops them when the goons were about to hit Meenakshi. Sooraj brings the police. Meenakshi tells Sooraj that they are doing Misri’s child marriage. Zakir says I have seen everything. Taisa asks him not to give any lecture, Misri is my grand daughter, who are you to interfere. Meenakshi says I m her mum, I gave her birth.

Vikram cries thinking about Misri who caught his finger, she identified him, but a father could not identify his daughter. He says why did Meenakshi do this, how can she make a father away from his daughter. Meenakshi says I gave birth to Misri, she is part of my heart and body, she is not yours, but Bhabho’s grand daughter. She hugs Misri and says I m your mum. Zakir says he will not leave the pandit and Taisa’s family too. Everyone will be charged in this case. akir thanks Sooraj for helping police for doing his duty and he will take action on the, but what Meenakshi did is a legal crime.

Bhabho asks Vikram what did Meenakshi do. Sooraj asks Meenakshi to say. Meenakshi says Kanha is not your grandson, he is Taisa’s grandson. Bhabhi is shocked and goes to her in anger.Everyone beak down knowing this truth. Zakir comes to Sandhya and says I have complain against Meenakshi. Vikram says he has complaint against her. Babasa hugs Kanha tightly. Bhabho says you will regret, but more than that, we all will regret, Kanha is ours, we loved him, and now we came to now he is not ours. She says the kids will be regretting as they got away from their mothers.

She asks Meenakshi where did her heart go, how can she make them away from their mothers. She says when did she differentiate between a boy and girl, when did I differentiate between Pari and Kanha, or Chavi and my three sons, tell me. Emily says Kanha is Pari’s brother and will always be. Meenakshi apologizes to Vikram and says she will be like he says from now on. Zakir asks Vikram to understand the situation as the past can’t be changed, but the present has to be managed. Will Vikram forgive Meenakshi, but what about the children? Keep reading.