Astha finds about DVD evidence against Niranjan and plans to expose him in Iss Pyaar Ka Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir

Shlok and Astha get romantic in their room as the baraat comes. Astha bites his finger and runs out. They come downstairs and smile seeing each other. Anjali does the tilak to Sid and his family. Riya asks Kalindi where is her son in law. Kalindi says did you not meet Shlok. She shows Shlok but some guy comes in between, and Riya says so this is Astha’s husband. Jyoti looks stunning in a blue and pink outfit. Riya says she is looking so beautiful. Shlok’s eyes are on Astha. The pandit starts the mantras as Jyoti and Sid exchange the Varmala. Renuka sees Anjali with Anaya and thinks she wanted an unmarried girl for Sid, and Jyoti is bringing this Anaya with her.

Riya does the ghatbandhan and bumps into Jaya and Jaya asks her to go and wash the stain on her clothes. Riya leaves and does not see Astha and Shlok doing the Kanyadaan together. The marriage rounds are taken and its completed. Jyoti and Sid takes elder’s blessings. Renuka asks Anjali to keep Anaya with her for two days as she has relatives at her home who will not like this. Sid comes and hearing this, he tells Renuka that Anaya is his daughter now and he will take her home. Anjali is glad. The bidaai happens. Everyone cry. Jyoti and Sid comes to Sid’s house and Renuka does the Grah Pravesh rituals.

Niranjan thinks about Pawar and his warning. Niranjan says all couriers should reach only me from tomorrow. Niranjan looks on as Shlok gets a DVD in one courier. He gets tensed and thinks did Pawar send this. Niranjan comes to Shlok’s room to get the DVD and looks for it. He gets the DVD. Shlok comes and says Baba you here and sees DVD in Niranjan’s hand. Shlok says but I said its all of my name. Niranjan leaves keeping the DVD back. Sid tries to bring Jyoti and Renuka together. Shlok sees the DVD and says who has sent it, there is no sender name. Niranjan looks on as Shlok plays the DVD. Astha mess up with his shirts. Shlok asks her to get his clothes wash again. He is about to watch the DVD.

Niranjan calls him. Shlok comes to Niranjan. Niranjan asks him to bring Jyoti for Pagphera rasam and asks him to take Astha along with him. Niranjan thinks he will get the DVD after Shlok and Astha leaves.Jyoti tries to balance life with her inlaws and gets Sid’s support. Niranjan thinks to take the DVD before Astha and Shlok comes back. Niranjan comes back to Shlok’s room. Astha and Shlok are leaving for Jyoti’s home. Shlok checks his wallet.

Niranjan sees the DVD and is shocked to see his conversation with Pawar regarding the old age home. Astha comes to take Shlok’s wallet and peeps inside the room. She is shocked to see Niranjan’s doings. Astha runs after seeing the DVD and something falls on the floor. Niranjan gets alert and comes out of the room. Astha hides. Niranjan takes the DVD and goes to his study. Riya comes to know that Shlok is indeed Astha’s husband and is hear broken. Astha apologizes to her for joking such thing. Riya forgives her. Astha thinks to find the DVD in study as maybe Niranjan went to office, I will get it.

Astha comes in his study at night with a torch. Niranjan is awake in his room thinking about Pawar’s words. He says I should have ruined that DVD, not hidden, as anyone may get it. Astha thinks she saw Niranjan with his portrait frame and looks at it. Astha gets the DVD. Niranjan walks in his study and she is shocked. Niranjan is shocked to see her too. Both of them face each other. Niranjan signs her to stop. He switches on the lights and looks at her. She hides the DVD. Niranjan takes the DVD and says small kids don’t lie. They have an argument and Niranjan asks Astha to be in her limits.

She promises that she will expose him to Shlok. Astha gets Pawar’s number from Niranjan’s mobile and calls him asking him to give her the DVD and she will give him more money than Niranjan. She thinks where to arrange money from. The Raksha bandhan day comes. Shlok and Astha romance on the stairs and Astha has oil bottle in her hand, which gets sprinkled on the floor by her movements. Astha gives the oil to Jyoti, which Anjali made for Anaya for her massage. Jyoti says she will tie rakhi before going.Niranjan fumes seeing Astha and Shlok together and thinks to do something to break them apart. What will Niranjan do now? Keep reading.