Manasi Parekh’s daughter finds a snake in the house

From doing household chores to making each member of the family happy by making different kinds of delicacies, women are on the forefront and multitasking well in the midst of Coronavirus fear.

Everyone including celebrities is practicing social distancing. They are trying to indulge in productive things while sitting at home.

Similarly, actress Manasi Parekh, who is known for her stint in Sumit Sambhal Lega and recently featured in Gujarati film Golkeri, showcased her cooking skills. He taught her Instagram followers to make fried rice and cauliflower manchurian.

Well, along with the recipe, what we loved the most was Manasi’s cute little daughter named Nirvi, who surprised her mom!

She said that she had spotted a snake in the house. We loved how Manasi spoke to Nirvi and calmly said that snakes don’t come in the house. Upon hearing words from mother, Nirvi went back. We find this conversation too cute.

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