Kusum doubts Danny and invites Kiran for dinner; Prashant repairs the wall crack to hide his crime in Saraswatichandra

Saras comes home and sees Kumud sleeping on the sofa. He starts feeling bad that he is not being able to give her time which she deserves from her husband, she is being lonely at home, all day, and he is coming late, and not able to take her out. Saras talks to her and asks her to go back to Ratnagiri, as her family misses her a lot, and she will also get a good change, to spend few days with them and come back. Kumud refuses to leave him alone and go. She says I don’t know I m feeling afraid, I feel like something very bad is going to happen.

Saras insists and tells her to go for his sake, and once he settles the work matter, he will call her back and give her time too. He says Kumud, we have seen many ups and downs, and bear a lot in life, but did not leave each other, good things happens with good people. He holds her hand and says your Saraswatichandra will not leave you for all 7 births. Kumud smiles and agrees to go Ratnagiri. Saras makes Kumud leave in a taxi. She thinks about his words on the way. Prashant does not get to see Kumud and asks Saras. Saras says she went to Ratnagiri. Kumud comes home and stands at the door thinking I could not go Saras, home for me is where you stay, come home in evening and you will get the best surprise.

She is shocked to see Saras and Nikki together. Saras explains her that Nikki was here for work. Kumud does not think much. Prashant sees Kumud and gets angry thinking Saras lied to him. Anushka tells everyone that she has to go Mumbai to submit her project. Anushka says I m feeling this for first time, so much attachment, I did not had with anyone, I feel this is my home, my family. Kumud helps the angry aunty and they become friends. Aunty shares about her son and bahu who don’t stay in touch with her since years. A vase falls and Kumud goes to see in her flat wall, it gets a crack and she tells this to Saras. Prashant sees it and calls up Mahesh.

Saras takes Kumud out for a date and Prashant comes to their flat with Mahesh to repair the crack. Saras gets a client there and gives all the time to him, making Kumud feel lost. She gets annoyed and comes home. Saras apologizes to her for this mistake, as he really regrets. Saras thinks to make Kumud happy by cooking gajar ka halwa. He makesmit by following a recipe book and serves her in the morning. She becomes glad and forgives him. They spend some time together and then he leaves for office. He gets busy again. Kabir and Anushka are slowly falling in love, as Kabir comes to know that the family did not bring her to marry him. Kabir wants to stop her and hides her project file and ID card.

Badimaa sees this and smiles. She tells Kabir that he is in love with Anushka. Kabir talks to himself and really starts thinking. Anushka sees him and laughs thinking he got mad. Prasnat wants to get close to Kumud and intentionally holds her while bumping. Kumud slaps him and scolds him. Prashant says I m sorry, I was fainting, I have such disease, I was going to take medicines. She says but why. He says I had headache, it was a disease, which I m treating since many years.

She says I m sorry I did not know.Prashant cuts the power connection of their home and invites them to spend the night at his flat. He is glad and thinks to spend some time with Kumud, but fails, as Saras comes. Kusum tells Anushka about Danny cannot be trusted. Anushka asks what. Kusum tells her everything. Anushka asks her to invite Kiran and then they will make her run away from Danny’s life. They plan and cook the worst bitter things for Kiran. Danny is unaware of all this, that Kusum is doubting him. Kumud comes down to go for paying the bill. Prashant brings his car and stops.

He says I m not a stranger, but your neighbor, come, I will drop you. She goes with him and while returning, he asks her to come with him in buying a gift for his special friend. She says no I m busy in work, but he insists and takes her. They go to the clothes shop and he describes her. Kumud is shocked. Will Prashant make Kumud and Saras separated? What is the wall mystery? Keep reading.