Kumud brings Vyas brothers closer in Saraswatichandra

Ghuman is making waves in the show. She is the one to look after. She is bringing twists and turns and also some mind blowing misunderstanding which brings the rifts between the loving brothers Saras and Danny and also between the trust holding couple Danny and Kusum. Ghuman is one such lovable vamp that people look upto. She does everything with ease and not so big efforts. Only her few and effective words are needed to break houses. After saying a lot about her, let’s see what happened in this week in your favorite show Saraswatichandra.

To start with, Ghuman plans to outdo Kusum by asking her to cook with peanut oil which Danny has an allergy with. Kusum cooks in peanut oil and serves food to Danny. He is allergic and reacts to it. He gets unwell and Ghuman gets a chance to scold Kusum for that. She blames her for not knowing about Danny’s allergies and likes-dislikes. She tells Danny that Kusum knows more about Saras than you. Danny does not think much about it and supports Kusum. He tells his mum that Kusum is new here and we did not spend much time with each other so that she can know about me. He says she will slowly learn everything and she should not be blamed. Kusum is happy hearing this.

Kumud does not let any gap come between Kusum and Danny but till when will she be able to save them from Ghuman. Ghuman fills Danny’s ears against Saras but Danny does not care as he loves Saras a lot. Danny takes a business proposal to Saras and Saras rejects it. Danny understands why Saras did this, but Ghuman takes advantage of this situation and speaks ill about Saras. She makes Danny believe her and get into her talk. She goes a step ahead and plans to break Danny and Kusum’s relation.

She asks Kusum to arrange a surprise for Danny. Kusum happily agrees. Ghuman gives her a gown to wear as Danny would like her. Kumud explains Saras not to treat Danny as a kid and let him be on his own. He needs support but should not be suppressed. Danny can take care of the business himself. She asks Saras to give Danny a chance so that he can prove himself. Saras is adamant and says Danny has no experience and he needs more. Kumud insists and convinces Saras. Saras agrees and makes Danny the project head. Danny gets the project file and is very happy knowing it. He hugs Saras and this makes Ghuman jealous seeing the bonding between the brothers. She thinks of breaking their bonding and also Danny and Kusum’s marriage with one stroke.

She thinks about Kusum’s love story with Saras and tries to utilize it to make Danny go against both of them. Kusum gets ready in a black gown and looks beautiful. She makes the room fully decorated and arranges a sweet surprise for Danny. Saras and Danny come home from office. Saras asks Ghuman about Kumud. She tells him that Kumud is in Kusum’s room. Saras goes to see Kumud. Saras enters the room and Kusum thinks its Danny. She hugs Saras and says I have been waiting for you. Danny comes after them and is shocked to see Saras and Kusum, his brother and wife is such an awkward situation. He thinks there is something between them and leaves in anger.

He does not give any chance to Saras and Kusum to explain and cries. Saras tries hard to explain him. Danny speaks ill about Saras and Kusum’s character. Saras slaps him hard for his misbehavior. Ghuman is shocked. Kumud tries to bring the brothers closer and also make Danny clear the misunderstanding from his mind about Kusum and Saras. She makes Saras and Danny have a talk where Saras clears all the issues. He tells Danny about how he went there in Kusum’s room and Kusum is innocent.

Danny believes Saras and thinks of his mistake. He apologizes to Saras and Kusum and patches up with them. Ghuman is spell bound seeing Kumud’s victory. Kumud succeeds in making Danny as before and asks Ghuman to stop her dirty games. What will be Ghuman’s next move now? Keep reading next week till we give you next updates about this show.