Aditi turns ghostly in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

This week of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon started with the drama of the new character Aditi. She acts sweet to Astha and apologizes to her for taking her rights from her by doing her duties. Astha says its fine and she has no qualms about it. Astha and Aditi share a friendly bond between them. Astha thinks she has hurt Shlok and she should apologize to him. She lights many diyas in their room and writes a big sorry with color. Shlok comes in the room and sees that. He puts water on the color and it all gets spoiled. Shlok’s mood does not become good and he is still angry on Astha.

Aditi and Astha go in the store room to bring a hammer and see Shlok’s guitar. Aditi suggests Astha to give it to Shlok as it might have good memories in it. She says maybe Shlok will become happy seeing it. Astha is confused but Aditi insists. Astha cleans the guitar and takes the guitar to the room. Shlok comes in the room and is more angry seeing the guitar as he thinks Astha is trying to revive his past. He breaks the guitar into pieces and scolds Astha for hurting him digging his past. Astha feels sad that she has unwantedly hurt him more. Shlok thinks only Anjali knew about his love for music and maybe she told Astha about his guitar. He goes to Anjali and argues with her for helping Astha know his past. Anjali tells him that Astha is curious to know about his past and is self trying, she did not tell her anything. Shlok does not believe her and leaves.

Astha thinks about Aditi playing the same musical tune which plays in Shlok’s diary. She asks Aditi but Aditi lies to her. Aditi gets ready at night and roams in the house wearing the bridal dress. Shlok sees her wandering but he is much drunk. He thinks it is his imagination. Shlok drives and gets blank calls. He calls back on the number and gets to hear the same tune. He is shocked and talks to his friend Arjun about it. He tells him that someone is making him feel Swati’s presence and also reminding him about her. He says it looks like someone is intentionally doing it. Arjun says he does not do anything and asks Shlok to think when did it all started. Shlok does not doubt Aditi.

Aditi tries to be around Shlok by any reason, like stitching his shirt button. Astha sees her with Shlok and goes to Anjali to learn button stitching. Astha forgets to book the gas and Anjali asks her to cook on a stove. Aditi gives this idea to her and Anjali is happy with Aditi’s upbringing. Astha cleans the stove and Kaka helps her in igniting the fire in it. Anjali is impressed with Astha seeing her hardwork. She asks Astha to cook everything on time and make the food ready for Niranjan.

At night, Astha ends up her work in the kitchen and is shocked to see a girl wearing bridal dress roaming in the house. She does not get her as she disappears soon. Astha thinks it was illusion and forgets it. Niranjan praises the food made by Astha and gives her Shagun. Astha is happy. Jyoti comes to know that she is pregnant and takes the medicines on time. She hides her pregnancy from Abhay as she does not know whether it’s a boy or girl. Abhay senses something is going on in jyoti’s mind and is anxious to know about it. He searches for his file and gets jyoti’s pregnancy report. He is happy to know that jyoti is pregnant.

He starts taking good care of her only for the sake of getting a baby boy from her. He says after she delivers the baby boy, she will be treated badly as before. Jyoti gets to hear this and is shocked to know that if it’s a baby girl, the baby will be aborted. Jyoti prays to Bappa for safety of her baby. She thinks only Astha can help her in this problem. Aditi tries to be friendly with Shlok which irks Astha. Astha sees the girl roaming again and this time she follows her. She bumps into Anjali and the girl disappears. Shlok thinks Astha is the one who is reminding him of Swati. Will Astha find out the truth about Aditi and her motive to stay in Agnihotri house? Keep reading.