Bigg Boss 11: This week’s captaincy might change the evictions

Relationships in Bigg Boss are as volatile as they can get. Anything can change in this controversial house at any given time. We all saw, Bandgi, Akash and Sabysachi were the three contenders for captaincy this week. Now despite conjectures the one to have won this week’s captainship is Sabyasachi Satpathy.
During the luxury budget task, Puneesh was heard stating, it will be a left hand’s job for Bandgi and Akash to beat Sabyasachi. But as we all know the dynamics keep changing in the house. In the captaincy task, the inmates had to donate their eggs for their favorite contender and with popular choice Sabyasachi became the fifth captain of the house. Consequently, he will also be immune in the coming week.
However, believes that there could be more to the captaincy that might have a direct or indirect effect on this week’s eliminations. We have a reasoning to support it. This week in the eliminations, Mehjabeen, Sabyasachi, Priyank, Benafsha and Sapna are nominated. And we all know that the evictions’ dagger is hanging between the two ex-padosis Mehjabeen and Sabyasachi. There was a strong belief that Mehjabeen aka the anaconda to be the one to face the dumping due to low votes.
Although, because Sabyasachi has become the new captain and has therefore gained immunity, the chances are that he might be removed this week. If Sabyasachi isn’t eliminated this week it would mean, he will be there in the house for another week. We all know, the Oriya lad is doing nothing to drive in the TRPs for the show. Mehjabeen this week at least had a showdown with Hina Khan. The makers will rather keep Mehjabeen for another week over Sabyasachi. The latter is barely seen on TV and has never created any drama in the house. So the chances are that the makers might remove him and give Mehjabeen a week’s time to conjure up some drama.
Well, if you think there’s too much of plotting happening just in the house then you are not paying much attention to the game. Let’s see what happens this weekend. Till then stay tuned to to know more updates about your favorite show.

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