Bigg Boss 10: What to expect from tonight's episode

Swami Om’s actions and over-the-top behavior were the highlights of the week, and it was time for him to pay for his deeds. Oblivious to the wild card storm that is about to take over the house, the housemates mentally prepare themselves for the week’s eviction. All thanks to Swami Om, the Weekend Ka Vaar episode opens with the contestants unanimously nominating him to sit on the ‘Khalnayak Kursi even before Salman Khan could ask them. The drama continues as the unapologetic Swamiji willingly takes the seat and faces the wrath at the hands of Salman. In a series of events, Swamiji gets in a defense mode and continues to put across his point without letting anyone in the room or outside speak. Miffed with Swamiji’s behaviour, Salman applauds the housemates’ decision of boycotting him. He also states that they should have taken this step long back but it is better late than never. Furthermore, Salman adds some fun to the seriousness as he tells Swamiji that the housemates are just jealous of his swag but also reminds him that he needs to take things easy as this is just a game and not the country’s border where he is fighting to save the nation.
Moving on, Salman discusses the nominations task -Viral Video, where he shows contestants a glimpse of the tie-breaker video. While Bani’s team admit that the video was like a gamble for them to win the task, team Lopa look a bit tensed owing to the content of the video. Up next, Salman gets to the captaincy task and questions Lopa and Manu for their disappointing performance.
Later, former Bigg Boss winner Gautam Gulati and contestant Mandana Karimi join Salman for his segment ‘Salman Ki Sabha’. When asked about their take on the contestants and how they are performing in the game, Gautam and Mandana point out that there still exists an imaginary wall between the commoners and celebrities. It is not only affecting their game but is also inhibiting them from giving their best. They further criticize Swamji’s behaviour wherein Gautam says that Swamiji can handle himdelf in a better manner. Speaking about Bani, Gautam and Mandana say that her headstrong attitude and outspokenness will take her ahead in the game. Before making an exit, Gautam empathizes with Bani’s current situation and tells her that he was stuck exactly in the same spot but continued to fight and ultimately won the game
With so much drama and entertainment in store, Weekend Ka Vaar episode will be an interesting watch!

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