Ayesha’s rejects Arif’s marriage proposal as she has fallen in love with Adi in Pyaar Ka Dard Hai

Arif tells his feeling for Ayesha to his mum Farida who bring their marriage proposal to Nilofer. They together talk to Ayesha. Nilofer knows that Ayesha was mad about Arif in Lucknow and always wanted to marry him, so she is really happy and thinks Ayesha will definitely agree. Ayesha refuses to marry Arif. Arif apologizes to her for not giving credit to her in the party for the dress designing. He tells her that he loves her a lot and will always keep her happy. She asks can you die for me. He says what? She tells about Adi who risked his life for her.

She says the people who love don’t think but give away everything in love. Adi hears this and is relieved that his Pankhudi is not marrying anyone. Ari asks Ayesha to think once again and he will wait for her reply. Adi gets angry on Nilofer and tells her how can she make his wife marry someone else. Ayesha calms him down and takes him to Diwaan Mansion. Nilofer thinks till when will this continue, we have to go from here, Ayesha is favoring Adi a lot. Anisha Nani has found a good friend in Dr. Rustam who is visiting Diwaan Mansion frequently for Adi’s checkups.

Rubel calls Nafisa and tells her that he will spend his whole day with her on her birthday. Nafisa says I m very lucky that I will spend my whole day with you, this will be my best birthday. He says can’t I do this for my friend. Payal thinks Rubel is hiding something and she has to find it out. Ghalib comes to Diwaan Mansion with Ayesha’s school teacher and her education memos to prove that she is Ayesha from Lucknow and not Adi’s Pankhudi. Ayesha is shocked eeing them and asks them to leave immediately, But Ghalib does not, he creates a big scene.

Adi comes and Ghalib hands over the documents to him asking him to check it once. Adi tears the papers without checking shocking everyone. Adi says my love does not need any certificate, she is Pankhudi for me and will always be, no one can change this. Ayesha is falling in love with his goodness. Adi asks Ghalib to leave. Ghalib attacks Adi and Harish. Rubel calls the police and hands over Ghalib to him. Ayesha asks Adi how can he trust her. Adi says I do,the one you love, you trust them. Ayesha gets admission in the London school of design and is really happy. She gets worried about Adi.