Astha unites Anjali with her parents; Niranjan distancing Shlok and Astha in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir

Shlok turns romantic and wants to keep Astha happy after what happened in past few days between them. He asks her to get ready as they will go on a romantic dinner date. Astha agrees and gets ready. She does some makeup and her kajal spoils Shlok disturbs her while hugging to her. He says I won’t talk to you, I m looking so bad. He says I like you in every look. Anjali tries to know from Astha where are her parents but Astha is in no mood to tell her, as she wants Anjali to come and meet her parents with her, but Anjali refuses.

Astha thinks she has to do something to make Anjali meet her parents without any force and by her heart. Niranjan gets ready for the meeting and waits for Shlok. But Shlok is sleeping. Niranjan gets angry and asks Astha to wake up Shlok fast and send him in the meeting. Astha wakes up Shlok and asks him to get ready as Niranjan has left for the office and is waiting there for him. Shlok says my presentation is not ready and gets tensed thinking what will he do in meeting now. Astha tells him that she will make his presentation till he gets ready and supports him.

She makes it and Shlok gives the same in the meeting. Everyone like it a lot and applaud him. Niranjan is happy too but Shlok tells him that Astha made this presentation. Niranjan says if you made this, I would have been more happy. Shlok says I will make it next time.Anjali tells Astha not to take any risk in her life to save her from Niranjan, as she wants to see her happy with Shlok, she loves Shlok and Astha a lot. Astha asks her not to worry as she will be very careful from now on. Niranjan is angry seeing how Shlok and Astha are getting closer. Astha acts like Anjali’s parents got unwell.

Anjali hears this. Astha says the address Vridh Ashram. Anjali being much worried rushes to see her parents. She smiles seeing her dad fine and playing. Anjali says forgive me dad, I did a big mistake. She says no one does this even with their enemy, I m sorry. Her parents forgive her by heart as they know whatever Anjali does, is done by Niranjan’s side and she is innocent. Anjali comes home and thanks Astha for taking good care of her parents.

Anjali tells Astha and Sojal about the Vart Savritri puja which women keep for their husband’s long lives and good health. The girls apply mahendi to Astha and Sojal. . Sojal talks about Abhay and Jyoti’s mood spoils. She says I won’t keep this vrath as I don’t want Abhay as my husband in my next birth, he should not be any girl’s husband. Shlok brings some fruits for Astha and makes her eat it at night as she has to fast the whole day tomorrow. Shlok too keeps a fast for Astha. Niranjan comes to know this and fumes in anger. He asks Anjali to do something about Astha but Anjali does not.

Shlok comes to the temple and sees the women doing the puja around the tree tying a thread. He meets Astha and tells her that he will do her puja and ties a thread around her. Astha cries with happiness and hugs him. Anjali sees them and wishes they always stay together. Astha tells Anjali that its her parents’ anniversary. Anjali asks her to buy a good gift. Shlok tells this to Niranjan and he plays a dirty game acting like he is very much unwell and makes Shlok stay with him, not letting him go with Astha.

He urges Astha to go which makes Astha and Shlok have a fight. Anjali understands Niranjan’s plan and feels worried for their relation. Kaka tells Astha about Anjali’s happy life before and her likes. Astha decides to make her life special again and takes her out for shopping and watching a play. Anjali enjoys a lot and is really happy. Astha buys sweets and takes Anjali to the ashram to meet her parents.

Her mum cooks her favorite food and makes her eat by her hands in a neat plate, which makes Anjali think how she is staying in a rich home, but eating in the leftover plate of Niranjan, obeying his bad old traditions. Astha understands this and supports Anjali. Anjali hugs Astha and her parents being much happy. Astha and Anjali decide to go home back before Niranjan comes home back from office, so that they can hide this day out from him. What will Niranjan do when he finds out about this day out? Keep reading.