Ashi Singh unveils her wedding look in ‘Meet’

Actress Ashi Singh reveals about her wedding look in the upcoming episodes of the show ‘Meet’ and also how she feels on wearing her on-screen mother ‘Anubha’s saree which she had worn on her wedding day.

As Ashi Singh mentioned: “The saree that I am wearing for my wedding look in ‘Meet’ is actually my on-screen mother, Vaishnavi Macdonald’s saree, the one that she actually wore for her reel-life wedding. I absolutely loved it and it was truly a special moment for both of us. I thought it was a great touch to this unique wedding. It was a very simple and elegant saree, something that I would prefer to wear in real life too.”

During the upcoming episodes ‘Meet Hooda’ (Ashi Singh) gets married to ‘Meet Alhawat’ (Shagun Pandey) after the former’s sister runs away. While the whole wedding will happen in unusual circumstances, Ashi is all excited about her bridal look. Ashi was initially concerned about sporting short hair for the wedding sequence but looks like she ended up loving the look.

“As you know, ‘Meet’s character is simple, so it went really well with the story too. In fact, I am a little uncomfortable wearing heavy jewellery and outfits too, but this was perfect. I was also concerned about how ‘Meet’s short hair would look on me in a bridal avatar; however, I am delighted that it looked amazing, and I could pull it off. Meet looked as pretty as any other bride and she is all set to get married and start a new phase in her life.”

However, there are some major twists and turns in the show in the upcoming episodes as ‘Meet Hooda’ gets married to ‘Meet Alhawat’.

‘Meet’ airs on Zee TV.

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