Yuvraaj acts good to Suhani to make Soumya jealous; Krishna’s mum fills his ears against Soumya in Suhani Si Ek Ladki

Soumya calls Suhani and wishes happy birthday. She says she will end call now as Yuvraaj might be arranged some surprise. Suhani says yes and ends the call looking for Yuvraaj. Suhani wakes up and sees Yuvraaj saying Amitabh’s lines which are her fav. He wears Amitabh’s face mask. She says the lines too and is amazed seeing the room’s decorations. He says I love you Suhani. She says I love you too Yuvraaj and smiles. He lifts her in his arms. He lights the birthday cake. She wakes up from her dream. Krishna’s mum and Rakhi fill Krishna’s ears against Soumya. Suhani cleans the floor by picking glass pieces and touches Dadi’s feet.

Suhani leaves and smiles saying she took Dadi’s blessings. She gets her family’s call who wish her happy birthday. Suhani thanks them. Suhani says she does not know anyone’s plan. Pankaj says they did not come as she will celebrate birthday with Yuvraaj. Rags hear this and says oh, so its Suhani’s birthday today.Menka says its snoopi’s birthday too and Yuvraaj is planning for it. They get happy and tell this to Dadi. Menka shows Snoopi’s birthday arrangements to Suhani and she gets upset. She comes out of her room and sees the surprise birthday arrangements done by Pratima. Pratima makes Suhani happy saying Yuvraaj did this.

Yuvraaj makes Krishna and Soumya angered by buying an expensive saree for Suhani, and making Soumya wear it by misunderstanding, and making her feel that Krishna can’t give her such things. Soumya cries. Krishna gets angry. She tells him that she values his love and not things. He hugs her smiling. Pankaj goes to take candles and bumps into Yuvraaj. He says good arrangements. Dadi hears them talking. Yuvraaj gets angry on Pankaj, and asks will he always threaten him. Pankaj says no, I did not mean it. Yuvraaj says once its good, not always, I will get the candles. Soumya comes in the party and meets Suhani. Soumya wishes Suhani. Yuvraaj asks about the saree. Soumya says its good.

Yuvraaj holds Suhani and says it’s the birthday gift for my wife. Yuvraaj gets closer to Suhani and touches his face to hers. Dadi thinks she has seen her before, as Yuvraaj has sent her pic. Dadi says did her pic was any mistake, or is there anything else. She sees Yuvraaj and Soumya talking. Yuvraaj gifts the saree to Suhani, and she looks good in it. Yuvraaj taunts Soumya. Suhani cuts the cake and Yuvraaj puts cake on her face. She says her dream got fulfilled as she saw this happening. He says so I m in your life, to make all your dreams true. Yuvraaj and Suhani dance on the song. Suhani and Soumya stand at his either sides. Yuvraaj kisses Suhani on her cheek infront of everyone, making her shy and very happy. He shows it to Soumya.

Sharad asks why are you being extra romantic to Suhani. Yuvraaj says I take good care of Suhani. Sharad says you don’t have anything in your heart, Suhani thinks you love her, your acting is love for her. Pankaj talks to Yuvraaj well and says how did you think I will threaten you, you are like my son, for me Suhani’s happiness matters a lot, I m happy seeing you giving lots of happiness, what will I need, I m sorry for my harsh words.Soumya gifts gold chain to Suhani. She comes home and Rakhi sees the pics. She sees the gold chain in Suhani’s neck and shows to Krishna. He gets angry and asks Soumya to get it back else leave the house.

Soumya says its her mum’s chain and she did not have anything else to gift Suhani. Dadi asks Yuvraaj what did Pankaj threaten you. Yuvraaj says what, how do you know. Dadi says she heard everything. Yuvraaj says first calm down and lies to her that Pankaj was not happy with this marriage. Dadi gets angry. Suhani plucks the rose petals saying he loves me, he loves me not. She says she is sure that Yuvraaj loves her so he kissed me on my cheek. She says if this kiss is birthday gift, I have to give return gift, but how.

Next morning, Suhani thankfully kisses Yuvraaj and he shockingly looks at her. Dadi scolds Suhani and asks her not to come in Navratri arrangements. Suhani’s parents come asking for the anklet size. Suhani gives her anklet. Dadi asks Ramesh to do the arrangements, and Suhani looks on. Ramesh thinks he is unable to do this. Suhani helps him. Dadi comes and scolds Suhani.Suhani feels bad. What will Suhani do now? Keep reading.

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