Witness the ‘Maha Yuddh’ between the housemates tonight on COLORS’ BIGG BOSS!

In COLORS’ BIGG BOSS, relationships can go from good to bad to worse in a blink of an eye! The seeds of rivalry that were sowed earlier have turned into a raging fire in the house. The escalating feud between Karan and Pratik is now a full-fledged war. In tonight’s episode, as the non-VIPs begin competing in the task, Karan plays it rough by throwing the mud on Nishant to distract him from the game. It irks Pratik enough to go after Karan to question him on his act.

Both lunge at each other in fury while the others try to pull them apart. Pratik threatens Karan, “Main sar phaad ke jaaunga aapka yaad rakhna!” Karan stands up to him and remains unapologetic about his actions. Pratik continues taunting him and calls him a person of low standards. Tejasswi defends Karan and even starts fighting with Pratik. Pratik feels extremely hurt by Karan’s behaviour and breaks down. “This is wrong! To what extent can this go?” weeps Pratik.

On the other hand, another fight takes place between Shamita and Devoleena, on the back of their growing enmity. Devoleena has been targeting Shamita ever since her ‘Wild Card’ entry, who decides to hit back this time. During the task, both start sledging each other, with Shamita taking a jibe at Devoleena, saying, “Where is your brain, darling?” This infuriates Devoleena, and she starts screaming back at the top of her voice and threatens her. They nearly come to blows as other contestants try stopping them. Shamita loses control and faints in the intensity of the moment!

Witness this drama unfold on ‘BIGG BOSS 15’ presented by TRESemmé, powered by Knorr and Dabur Chayawanprash, beauty partner ‘Lotus White Glow’ and nutrition partner ‘Nourish’ every Monday to Friday at 10.30pm and Saturday-Sunday at 9.30pm, only on COLORS!v

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