When the five daughters challenge their father Anand Mathur in Hum Paanch Phir Se!

BIG Magic’s light hearted comedy show Hum Paanch Phir Se has been entertaining its spectators with its riveting storyline in each of its episode. Week after week the beguiling concept in serial is making sure that the viewers are glued to their television screen. The upcoming episode too promises for a fun filled evening!
A source close to Essel Vision Productions informed us about the tracks in the daily, he said, “The five daughters openly tell their father Anand Mathur that he is scared of their mother, his wife Bina. Anand tries hard to convince his daughters that he is not scared of Bina, it’s just that he respects her a lot.”
Furthermore he elaborated, “The convinced daughters somehow plan another trick to find out what is their father scared of. The girls decide to scare Anand Mathur by hook or by crook. The youngest of all, Choti manages to scare her father by acting to fall sick. Anand panics when he sees Choti unwell and admits that he is scared of anything happening to his children.”
To watch this interesting episode of Hum Paanch Phir Se, stay tuned on to BIG Magic every Monday to Friday at 7:30pm

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