Koli community member to participate in KBC for the first time

A simpleton girl Mansi Narayan Mathurekar, who hails from a small village, wants to support her family financially. She wishes to take her family to Singapore and wants to buy gold jewellery for her mother. Her father was in the fishery business. She wants to be the richest person in Vasai. She loaned some amount for her graduation which she paid off by working in SBI Cards.
She feels that coming on KBC will be life-changing for her and her family. Firstly, she would like to complete the renovation of her house and even though she is a girl she would like to financially take care of her family. She would want to win a minimum of Rs 25, 00,000. If she wins 7 Crores, then she wants to purchase gold jewelry for herself and her mother and tour the world.

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