Wedding bells on the sets of Badho Bahu!

Dipti Kalwani (Sunny Side Up), Teenna Swayyam and Sushant Kumar’s (Hum Tum Telefilms) show Badho Bahu is getting a tremendous feedback from the audience. In the coming episodes, the audience will get to see a whole new story brewing between Vardaan (Shagun Pandey) and Pragya (Ashima Ahmed). Vardaan is all set to marry Lucky’s sister Pragya. Further in the story, Tejinder fools Pragya who runs away from her house to marry him. So now, the family puts pressure on Vardaan to marry Pragya instead.
When we asked Shagun about how it felt tying the knot off-screen, the actor says, “It is fun in the initial stages, but with the heavy costumes and make-up, in front of the havan, it gets really hot! But it is fun when your job is done.” Talking about his on-screen partner Ashima Ahmed a.k.a Pragya, he says, “My bonding with Ashi is great. We understand each other and we even improvise our scenes. But on-screen bonding is different. While Vardaan respects her, Pragya does not like him and you can see constant tiffs between them”

Talking about the upcoming marriage, producer Dipti Kalwani says, “We are having another shaadi on the show which is being done by Badho to save Pragya’s life. Pragya and Vardaan hate each other and Pragya is helpless because her family has disowned her. Now Vardaan will support her and let’s see if his goodness will make Pragya ever fall in love with him or not?”

That’s quite a lot of excitement which we can see coming up, and we can’t wait to watch how it unfolds!

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