‘Lota’ to create troubles for Rajiv in TV, Biwi Aur Main

SAB TV’s newly launched show ‘TV, Biwi Aur Main’ (Shashi Sumeet Productions) is all set to bring an exciting episode in this week.
As we know, the show is based on the world of television where Karan Veer Mehra is playing a producer and Shruti Seth is seen as his wife.
By now, viewers would know that Rajiv (Karan) is used to attracting problems. Naturally, soon he will attract a newone. And interestingly, he will put his real life incident in his show ‘Bindiya Shringar Ek Suhagan Ka’ which will invite problems.
During his wedding, he had given his amma (mom) a silver lota branding it as a gift from Priya’s (Shruti) family. But the fact is that Priya and her family is completely against giving any gift/dowry during marriage. So, in order to make sure that his mom can show off to the relatives that an expensive silver lota has come from Priya’s family, Rajiv had asked his father to buy one for his amma without anyone’s knowledge. However, Rajiv’s father being the kanjoos had brought an aluminum lota and put silver water over it.
Later, Rajiv will use this story in his show ‘Bindiya Ek Shringar Suhagan Ka’ which his Amma watches regularly. In his show, when Bindiya’s mother-in-law would blame Bindiya’s parents for giving them a fake lota, Amma willbecome a little suspicious and would now want to know whether the lota given by Priya’s family is real or fake.
Will Rajiv manage to hide the fact that the lota was nakli from his amma?

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